2:41 PM EDT
Hal Rogers, R-KY 5th

Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. That's objection number one. We did not have a chance to have a say-so on this bill. The American people have been shut out of a discussion of what's in this bill, until today.

Number two, this bill is loaded down with matters that are not related to helping the brave men and women on the battlefield on the other side.

Now, there are all sorts of amendments that you're hearing today that will be offered, one of which contains a lot of spending and a lot of spending that's not related to helping the troops overseas.

And so I am disappointed. I'm disappointed in the fact that the Appropriations Committee was bypassed, therefore the people were denied a voice, and this bill brought directly to the floor without ever having had a single day of hearings in the subcommittees and the full committee.

I urge a ``no'' vote.