2:51 PM EDT
Jerry Lewis, R-CA 41st

Mr. LEWIS of California. With that, Mr. Speaker, I have enjoyed in many ways this discussion today. But most particularly, I have enjoyed having a chance to review the comments, sometimes even the lectures, of my colleague, the chairman of the committee, over the years. It wasn't that long ago that I had the chance to be the chairman myself. And earlier today, I used a quote from the then-ranking member of the committee in which he, in part, said, ``The American people know that, once again,

Congress is putting partisan political considerations ahead of the needs of the American people.''

He protested so much. In that same conversation, Mr. Obey went on to say, ``In my view, the quickest way to end this political nonsense is to vote `no' on this bill so that we can send the President a bill which is respectable, responsible and can be signed.''

I must say that serving in the ranking member position at this point in time, I couldn't more heartily adopt the words of my colleague when he formerly had a position like mine.

In the meantime, this bill goes forward. The chairman knows full well that the bill that was written in the corner of this building by a couple of hands is going nowhere. It is very likely to be vetoed. In turn, he is repeating that very process he was protesting against so strongly not so long ago.

With that, Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.