7:20 PM EDT
Bill Young, R-FL 10th

Mr. YOUNG of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding the time, and I want to congratulate Chairman Obey and Mr. Lewis for having worked out what appeared on many occasions to be an impossible solution. They did a good job.

I compliment Mr. Murtha, the chairman of the Defense Appropriations Committee for a good job on amendment No. 1. It is not quite as much funding as we thought that there should have been, but we're okay with that. It's a good plan. We're going to vote for it. We're going to vote for the whole package. It just proves, Mr. Speaker, that when we finally settle down and decide to work for the country, we can do it. We can work together and we can make good things happen.

And so the last time we discussed this, I stood here and extended my support for the package, but it didn't pass. This time, I'm indicating my support for the package. At least most of us are going to vote for it, extending our thanks and our appreciation to those who are serving in our military in far-off places around the world--and as we talk so much about defending our freedoms--defending our safety, protecting the safety of the American people here, at home, and abroad.

So it's a good package. I support it strongly, and I compliment all of those who were involved in the negotiations to make this happen.

I thank the gentleman for yielding the time.