7:26 PM EDT
Charles B. Rangel, D-NY 15th

Mr. RANGEL. I hope when we start looking at some other issues, and we're looking to see how we're going to jump-start this economy, that we recognize that it won't be the homeless and the hopeless that we'll be going to. They're not even in the system. It won't be the wealthy, that the President insists that we extend their tax cuts, because they wouldn't even know what the check came in for.

But it would be what makes this country so great, what fights our wars, what runs our jobs, what produces for [Page: H5670]

trade, and what makes it the greatest country in the whole world, and that is the middle class. And when they get into trouble, as they are now, I think this Congress should not have a political debate. We should be there to help them because they're what makes our country great.

So thank you for giving me the opportunity and thank you, John Boehner, for understanding what we were trying to do.