3:18 PM EDT
Jeb Hensarling, R-TX 5th

Mr. HENSARLING. I thank the gentleman and my dear friend from Texas for yielding.

Madam Speaker, the fiscal mismanagement of the Democrats continues. In just 19 months, our friends on the other side of the aisle have managed to double the Federal deficit. They have given us the single largest 1-year increase in the Federal debt, an extra $600 billion. They've given us the largest unfunded obligation ever of the Nation, $57.3 trillion, that's trillion with a T, Madam Speaker, roughly $400,000 of debt per American family under this Democrat leadership. They've given us the largest

Federal budget ever. They've given us the largest tax increase ever. They've given a blank check to Fannie and Freddie drawn on the checking accounts of working men and women all over the Nation.

And today, today, to the best of my knowledge, for the first time in America's history, they are raiding a bankrupt Treasury in order to give money to the highway trust fund.

Now, Madam Speaker, how did we get here? I submit to you it's two reasons.

Our friends on the other side of the aisle love earmarks, but, unfortunately, they don't love American made energy.

In the last highway bill, as my friend, the gentleman from Arizona, pointed out, 6,300 different earmarks, $24 billion worth. We wouldn't be here, Madam Speaker, if it wasn't for this ``earmarkaholism.''

Now, not all these earmarks are bad. But, Madam Speaker, something called the highway trust fund, why do we have Democrat earmarks for landscaping? Why do we have Democrat earmarks for hiking trails in Tennessee? Why do we have Democrat earmarks, a quarter million dollars for boardwalks?

Madam Speaker, why did we end up with $600,000 for horse riding trails in the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia?

Madam Speaker, why did the Democrats bring us earmarks, $8 million for a parking facility in Harlem? And the list goes on and on.

Now, I'll admit, Madam Speaker, there's been a number of earmarks on our side of the aisle. But this side of the aisle woke up. They understand the American people, and the American people want a moratorium, and it's Republicans that have called for a moratorium.

But more importantly, right now, Madam Speaker, one of the reasons there's no money in the trust fund is people can't afford to drive because Democrats view our oil and gas reserves in our Nation as toxic waste sites, and Republicans view them as natural resources to relieve pain at the pump.

And that's why, Madam Speaker, if we would simply enact the American Energy Act, the All-of-the-Above Act, Americans could drive again and we could fill up these coffers, and we wouldn't be here today.

And, finally, to be here today without any offsets is an absolute tragedy for this Nation. And this bill should be rejected.