3:29 PM EDT
Jerry Moran, R-KS 1st

Mr. MORAN of Kansas. I thank the gentleman from Texas. And I rise today in support of H.R. 6532.

I come from a State in which transportation matters. Long distances between communities, agricultural and commodity goods to be hauled to market. And in the absence of this restoration of $8 billion to the highway trust fund, our State would lose nearly $118.5 million dollars, creating a critical shortfall and the inability to complete projects underway.

So I'm pleased today to be back here in support of legislation that this body passed several weeks ago; pleased to see the Senate follow suit last night, and pleased to know that the President will sign this legislation upon its passage today.

I commend my colleagues in Ways and Means, and appreciate my colleagues from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee who have arisen to the occasion to make certain that transportation is supported and the jobs and industry that it pertains to, by this legislation.

[Time: 15:30]