3:30 PM EDT
Scott Garrett, R-NJ 5th

Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey. I thank the gentleman.

I rise to oppose this legislation which is really unfair and unjust to the people of the State of New Jersey. I say so because it perpetuates an unfair system to our State, our State made up of commuters, because it does not change a system where in fact we do not get back a dollar on a dollar. Our commuters only get back pennies, 87 cents on a dollar in the current system, and this perpetuates that system.

See, New Jersey is a commuter State. Whether you work or play, you [Page: H8043]

have to rely on your car or truck to get around, and you're being attacked both from our State capital and in Washington, D.C.

You're being attacked by our State capital by perpetual toll increases from High Point to Cape May, from Alpha to LBI, there are always threats of higher taxes there. And in D.C., we're under attack as well for the failure of this Congress and this Democrat leadership of passing an energy package.

With gasoline at $3.50 a gallon and diesel at $4 a gallon, where it costs over $1,000 to fill up your truck to get to work or to get to school or elsewhere, New Jersey commuters are consistently being attacked by a system out of control in our State capital and our national capital as well, and that is why I stand here opposed to this legislation until we change the existing system of funding for tax administration.