3:49 PM EDT
Eni Faleomavaega, D-AS

Mr. FALEOMAVAEGA. Mr. Speaker, I want to commend the gentlewoman from California (Ms. Woolsey) not only as chief sponsor of this proposed legislation, but also for her leadership and her compassion and commitment in the field of human rights for fellow human beings all over the world.

I cannot help but stand here on the floor and share with my colleagues some of the thoughts that came to my mind when my colleague from California was explaining about the provisions of this important legislation. [Page: H6202]

Usually I am not a person who gets emotional watching movies, but recently I watched the movie ``Freedom Riders.'' I cannot help but recall the experience that these teenagers in Long Beach went through, and how creative this teacher was in trying to get kids who were from basically low-income areas and who had no idea or concept what it means to read. Somehow the teacher was able to get these high school students to read ``The Diary of Anne Frank.'' It got to the point where the students became

so interested in what happened when they read this book, ``The Diary of Anne Frank,'' that they invited a Holocaust survivor to speak to them in Los Angeles. She testified personally what it meant to be not only a prisoner but I would say a slave during the Nazi period and the terrible time that the Jewish people went through during that period of their history.

I thank Chairman Lantos not only for his leadership, but as a Holocaust survivor himself, I cannot think of a better person who can share with our colleagues what it means to be part of that period and the pain and suffering 6 million Jews went through during that process.

I recall a statement made by one of the great poet philosophers, Santayana, who said: ``Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'' Some say why should we worry, this happened in the past. Why worry about it. I think we have to remember so these things never happen again.

Yes, I visit the Holocaust Museum and what do I say: Never again. Never again. That racism and bigotry and hatred should never be a part of the legacy of our great Nation.

I commend my friend from California for bringing this resolution before the Members for their consideration, and I urge my colleagues to support this bill.