5:28 PM EDT
Jason Altmire, D-PA 4th

Mr. ALTMIRE. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

Mr. Speaker, for 30 years the Rocky Mountain Senior Games has offered athletic competition and social opportunities to men and women, age 50 and older. Athletes of all abilities are encouraged to participate in over 30 athletic and social events. Competition is divided into male and female divisions, as well as mixed competition and by age groups. The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Senior Games is to motivate women and men over the age of 50 to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In 2006, the Rocky Mountain Senior Games hosted 1,035 participants from 17 States across the country. The Rocky Mountain Senior Games offers our Nation's seniors the opportunity to experience the thrill of competition and the joy of camaraderie, while improving their physical fitness.

It is of vital importance that we encourage all adults to establish and maintain healthy lifestyles so that they can maintain a high quality of life as they grow older. [Page: H4521]

For 30 years, the Rocky Mountain Senior Games have helped improve the health and well-being of older Americans in our Nation. Every year, more and more seniors travel to Greeley, Colorado, to participate.

Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to join me in honoring the Rocky Mountain Senior Games.

[Time: 17:30]

Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of my time.