10:33 AM EDT
John James Duncan Jr., R-TN 2nd

Mr. DUNCAN. I thank the gentleman from Arkansas for yielding to me one more brief time.

I rise to say it has been a privilege and honor for me to serve with the gentleman from Alabama who unfortunately is leaving the Congress this year. Bud Cramer and I have traveled many times together. We have become, I think, very close friends. It is interesting to me that our careers have been almost parallel. We were in law school at approximately the same time. We practiced law. He became a prosecuting attorney in his hometown of Huntsville when I was serving as a criminal court

judge in my hometown of Knoxville. He came to Congress shortly after I did. He rose to become one of the senior members and one of the most powerful and influential members on the Appropriations Committee here in the Congress.

I can tell you that I have respect and admire Bud Cramer more than almost anybody I know. He has been an outstanding public servant in every way, and this Congress will certainly miss the gentleman from Alabama when he leaves. I want to personally thank him for not only his friendship to me, but more importantly his service to this Nation.