7:40 PM EDT
Stephen Buyer, R-IN 4th

Mr. BUYER. Mr. Speaker, I have some questions on my time. I would like to inquire of the gentleman regarding his intent on the drafting of the resolution. In particular, the first and second clauses of the resolution. The first clause, ``Whereas, millions of veterans returning home from World War II looked to the guarantee of educational, medical, housing, and other basic benefits provided by the GI Bill''; and, ``Whereas, these benefits were denied.''

As it's drafted, it basically says here are the benefits they looked forward to. And then we say, ``these benefits were denied'' and then ``in large part, to Americans of Mexican descent.''

So in the whereas clause we are saying that here are benefits that millions of veterans coming back from World War II looked forward to, then in the drafting it says, oh, by the way, ``Whereas, these benefits were denied, in large part to Americans of Mexican descent and other Hispanics throughout the United States.''

Now there are other individuals, other forms of odious discrimination of various kinds encountered by veterans, whether they be African American, whether they are women, individuals are Puerto Rican. There could have been many other forms of discrimination and bigotry in which people were subjected to in our country, not only back then but even probably of today.

What I was hoping we could do is that we are actually voting on a resolution on the floor, that this drafting is kind of awkward. I was hoping that we could try to correct that.

What I wanted to do is yield to the gentleman so he can tell us about his intent with regard to the legislation.

I yield to the gentleman.