7:42 PM EDT
Ciro Rodriguez, D-TX 23rd

Mr. RODRIGUEZ. Thank you. The intent, if you look at the final, ``Be it resolved that the House of Representatives recognizes the needs of equal access to veterans benefits for all who have honorably served and continues to support the goals and ideals.''

Now the whereases that are there, those are the founding principles as to why that group got together right after the war. We all know that there was discrimination. We know that people were denied. There were the Mexican schools and the all-white schools. There were places where you couldn't go eat in Texas either if you were a Mexican. So that existed.

So the language is there as a result of the foundation of this group that organized. When that body came back, as a soldier, he was denied burial. We have Mexican burial sites and white burial sites. Unfortunately, we still have them, in some cases. But the reality was that that is the reality of then. So the whereases talk about the time then where the discrimination existed.

Yes, there were other groups that were discriminated and other people that were denied. But this is not about African Americans, this is not about women. It's about the veterans that served at that point in time that came back and experienced that discrimination. That is why the organization was organized.

By the way, the group now does a beautiful job, and if anyone espouses and loves this country more, it is those veterans that are part of the GI Forum, and they are the ones that have a beautiful program for job training, they have some programs that deal with the homeless, and a variety of other types of programs.

[Time: 19:45]