1:58 PM EDT
Mike Simpson, R-ID 2nd

Mr. SIMPSON. Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the gentleman from Arizona yielding to me for the purposes of a colloquy on an issue of report language that accompanies H.R. 3057, the foreign ops appropriation bill, and for his willingness to work with me through conference on this report language.

Mr. Chairman, report language appears for a reason. It is meant to send a strong message to Federal agencies; in this case, the Export-Import Bank. I am greatly concerned about the message this report language sends. I am worried it has the appearance of trying to encourage the approval of a loan that does not meet the statutory requirements.

Before a loan should be brought before the board for a vote, it must meet the congressionally-mandated test for export additionality, foreign competition, and net benefit to the U.S. economy. If we want to consider changes to the statutory requirements, those changes should be addressed during the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank that is scheduled to occur next year.

I look forward to working with the chairman and the Senate in conference regarding the committee's intent of any report language addressing this issue.

[Time: 14:00]