2:23 PM EDT
Randy Cunningham, R-CA 50th

Mr. CUNNINGHAM. Mr. Chairman, I would like to thank the ranking member and the chairman for this bill.

It is easy for some people to vote against foreign ops until they understand what it is. There are four legs of a table: the military foreign ops, intel, and homeland security; and probably a fifth now with the rising cost of fuel, energy.

Foreign ops is critical in that security table. Why? If we think about the position of the Palestinian-Israeli issue with Sharon, for the first time, I heard the gentleman from California (Mr. Berman) speak that we have hope in the Middle East, hope. If we take a look, it is easy to think about cutting certain countries, but think of what a thin edge they are on right now. Look at Indonesia with its problems, how they help us. Look at Saudi Arabia that is moving more and more toward

a moderate state. Do they have problems? Yes. Look at Egypt, and it would be easy for someone to come up and have an amendment to cut them. But in Saudi Arabia I sure do not want ``King Osama bin Laden,'' or in Indonesia, if we look at the thin thread. Or Pakistan. In Pakistan take

a look at Hamboli; KSM, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was a guy who planned 9/11. We just caught Abu al-Libbi, who is the guy who took Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's position. And they have stopped major events and attacks within the United States because of our foreign operations bill.

Look at Sudan. They ethically cleansed probably as many people as Saddam Hussein or in Kosovo or Bosnia, and that brings world peace.

But even worse, look at the HIV threat. There are more deaths in HIV in Africa than during the plagues, and if we support that, A, it makes a safer America, but it also protects and stabilizes Africa itself.