7:56 PM EDT
Ray LaHood, R-IL 18th

Mr. LaHOOD. I agree with that, Mr. Flake. And that is the reason that this opportunity exists.

It is not a significant amount of money. When you look at the overall defense budget, this is an insignificant amount of money in terms of what it does in terms of the expansion of jobs, the expansion of ideas, the expansion of technology, and it does create hope and opportunity for people who really want to do business with the Federal Government and have opportunities for creating new opportunities for people.

And listen to me, this is a no-brainer. And I hope that we can get the House, when we come back in to vote on this amendment, to vote down this amendment. This is a very, very good technology center and it has created lots of opportunities for many, many people. And I urge the House to vote against the Flake amendment.