Program Segments

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    6:30 PM EDT

    Salem Witch Trials Legal Documents Project

    Historian Margo Burns discussed primary sources from the Salem Witch Trials compiled in a book project titled Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt. Twelve people worked for ten years to complete the book, a chronological record of legal documents from the trials, many newly transcribed by the team’s six linguists. This presentation was part of an all-day seminar on the legacy of the Witch Trials.

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    10:55 PM EDT

    Memorializing Salem

    Kenneth Foote talked about memorializing sites such as Salem, Massachusetts. His book on the subject is titled Shadowed Ground: America’s Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy. 2017 marked the 325th anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials. This is the keynote speech from the Salem State University symposium on the legacy of the witch trials.

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    11:10 AM EDT

    Salem Witch Trials 101

    Professor Emerson Baker provided an in-depth look into the history of Salem, Massachusetts. He explored how it went from a simple town in Massachusetts in 1692 to a city synonymous with witchcraft and tragedy. 2017 marked the 325th anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials. The presentation was a part of an all-day symposium held at Salem State University in Massachusetts.

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    10:29 PM EDT

    Salem's "Witch City" Notoriety

    Historians, writers, and professors talked about the history behind how Salem, Massachusetts, became known as the “Witch City.” The panelists discussed whether the commercialization of Salem through the creation of “Witch City” is an economic benefit or gross insensitivity to the tragedy that occurred over 300 years ago. This discussion was a part of the 325th anniversary symposium held at Salem State University.