Controversial Generals of the Civil War Pamplin Historical Park hosts a symposium called "Generals We Love to Hate" looking at some of the more controversial military leaders of the Civil War.

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    9:00 AM EDT

    Union General Don Carlos Buell

    Author Stephen Engle described the military philosophy of Union General Don Carlos Buell and outlines some of the factors that have…

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    10:44 AM EDT

    Confederate General Joseph Johnston

    Craig Symonds talked about the contemporary allies and enemies of Confederate General Joseph Johnston, highlighting his rocky…

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    12:57 PM EDT

    Confederate General Joseph Hooker

    Historian John Hennessy talked about Union General Joseph Hooker, describing him as ambitious and aggressive on the battlefield, but also…

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    2:39 PM EDT

    Confederate General John Bell Hood

    Stephen Hood, author of John Bell Hood: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Confederate General, talked about some of the myths and misconceptions…