Washington Journal 08/14/2019 Your phone calls and tweets on the state of urban America and Forbes Magazine contributor Morgan Simon discusses opportunity zones.

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    6:59 AM EDT

    Open Phones on the State of American Cities

    Viewers from city residents commented on their top issues for where they live and how their city can be improved. In the wake of President Trump’s criticism of Baltimore and other metropolises, the entirety of this “Washington Journal” program was focused on the issues facing American cities. Throughout the program, columnists and opinion writers from newspapers in Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City spoke via Skype about the biggest issues facing the cities they cover. Forbes Magazine contributor Morgan Simon talked about…

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    7:30 AM EDT

    Ingrid Jacques on Top Issues in Detroit

    Ingrid Jacques of the Detroit News said the two biggest issues her city faces are poverty and education. She spoke via Skype from Detroit.

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    7:59 AM EDT

    Mark Brown on Top Issues in Chicago

    Chicago Sun Times columnist Mark Brown spoke via Skype about some of the top issues facing the city and some of the changes he has seen in his many years covering Chicago politics.

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    8:32 AM EDT

    Margaret O'Mara on Top Issues in New York City

    Margaret O’Mara, a New York Times contributor and University of Washington history professor, spoke via Skype about some of the top issues facing New York City,

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    9:00 AM EDT

    Morgan Simon on Urban Opportunity Zones

    Forbes Magazine contributor Morgan Simon talked about opportunity zones located in urban areas across America. Opportunity zones are incentives to bring capital into low-income communities. Ms. Simon participated via video uplink from San Francisco.

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    9:29 AM EDT

    John Diaz on Top Issues in San Francisco

    John Diaz of the San Francisco Chronicle spoke via Skype about some of the top issues facing the city. He also discussed the results of a San Francisco Chamber of Commerce survey on the state of affairs in the city.