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Ketanji Brown Jackson (2022)

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Amy Coney Barrett (2020)

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Brett Kavanaugh (2018)

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Neil Gorsuch (2017)

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Elena Kagan (2010)

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Sonia Sotoymayor (2009)

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Samuel Alito (2006)

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John Roberts (2005)

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Stephen Breyer (1994)

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1993)

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Clarence Thomas (1991)

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David Souter (1990)

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Anthony Kennedy (1987)

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Robert Bork (1987)

  • Bork Nomination Day 1, Part 1

    Bork Nomination Day 1, Part 1

    The committee begins hearings on the nomination of Judge Robert Bork to be associate justice of the Supreme Court. Former…

  • Bork Nomination Day 1, Part 2

    Bork Nomination Day 1, Part 2

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Joe Biden (D-DE) began the questioning of Judge Bork. Senator Robert Byrd, arriving…

  • Bork Nomination Day 2

    Bork Nomination Day 2

    The Senate Judiciary committee questioned United States Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. Judge Bork’s hearings lasted 30 hours over 5 days, taking place…

  • Bork Nomination Day 3, Part 1

    Bork Nomination Day 3, Part 1

    During this morning session, committee members continue inquiry for approximately one-half hour each. In response to Bork’s…

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Antonin Scalia (1986)

William Rehnquist (1986)