Paul Spudis

c. December 3, 1996 - Present Professor, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Rice University Videos: 2 c. December 19, 2003 - Present Professor, Johns Hopkins University Videos: 2

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    John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon

    Participants talked about President John F. Kennedy’s decision to send a manned mission to the moon and the eventual moon…

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    Space Exploration Policy

    Officials and scientists talked to reporters about the future of the U.S. space program. Among the topics they addressed…

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    Future of Space Flight Programs

    Currrent and former NASA officials talked about the future of manned space flight and space exploration programs. Among the…

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    Ice on the Moon

    Scientists announced that there may be some water near the south pole of the moon. A military satellite, Clementine, beamed…

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