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  • Cold War Recollections
    Last Aired

    Cold War Recollections

    Former Czech Republic President Václav Klaus offered his thoughts about the Cold War politics and personalities of the Reagan era, and his assessment of their historical importance. This was from a…

  • President Disputes CIA Conclusion of Saudi Crown Prince Involvement in Khashoggi Killing
    Last Aired

    President Trump Departs the White House

    President Trump spoke to the press at the White House prior to departing for his Thanksgiving holiday in Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Trump answered questions on U.S.-Saudi relations and Ivanka…

  • Secretary Pompeo Defends US Response to Jamal Khashoggi Killing
    Last Aired

    Secretary of State Pompeo Statement to Reporters

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo briefed reporters on a range of foreign policy issues at the State Department in Washington, DC. He was asked about the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and diplomatic…

  • Ronald Reagan and Cold War Politics
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan and Cold War Politics

    Speakers including two former National Security Council staff members who served under Ronald Reagan discussed the 40th president’s Cold War politics. The discussion was part of a conference titled…

  • emCapitalism in Americaem
    Last Aired

    Capitalism in America

    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and The Economist's Adrian Wooldridge talked about the history of capitalism in America.

  • Ronald Reagan Communism and Pope John Paul II
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan, Communism, and Pope John Paul II

    Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, Edwin Meese, talked about the 40th president’s views on communism and his relationship with Pope John Paul II at a conference organized by the White House Writers Group. The…

  • Mexican Ambassador Discusses Trade and Border Security
    Last Aired

    Mexico's Ambassador to U.S. and Others on Trade and Borders

    Mexico’s Ambassador to the United States Gerónimo Gutiérrez Fernandez joined others to discuss the current state of the U.S.-Mexico relationship in light of the recent trade agreement by…

  • Larry Kudlow Downplays Fears of a Recession
    Last Aired

    Larry Kudlow Comments on the Economy and Trade

    White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow talked with reporters on the White House driveway. He said that despite a market slide that erased most of the stock market’s gains on the year, a recession “is so far in…

  • After Words with Dambisa Moyo
    Last Aired

    After Words with Dambisa Moyo

    Economist Dambisa Moyo discussed why democracies around the world were failing to produce economic growth. She was interviewed by Jason Furman, former chair of the Council of Economic…

  • The Presidency and Impeachment
    Last Aired

    The Presidency and Impeachment

    Constitutional scholars Philip Bobbitt and Akhil Reed Amar discussed how the U.S. Constitution defines impeachable offenses for the President. Philip Bobbitt, who was legal counsel to the…

  • Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II

    Callista Gingrich, U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, talked about the diplomatic relationship between President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. She spoke at the White House Writers Group…

  • emBorrowed Timeem
    Last Aired

    Borrowed Time

    James Freeman and Vern McKinley talked about the history of Citigroup and the many times the federal government has had to step in to save the multinational investment bank.

  • Cold War Considered
    Last Aired

    Cold War Considered

    A panel of speakers including Polish Senator Anna Maria Anders and former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus considered how the relationship between Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II…

  • emNoncompliantem
    Last Aired


    Former Federal Reserve examiner Carmen Segarra talked about the close relationship between the New York Federal Reserve Bank and the financial giant Goldman Sachs.

  • emWashington Postem Holds Forum on Cancer Research and Treatments
    Last Aired

    Washington Post Discussion on Cancer Research and Treatments

    The Washington Post hosted a series of discussions on cancer research with experts, including FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb. Commissioner Gottlieb talked about a number of treatment…

  • President Trump Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey
    Last Aired

    National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon

    President Trump and first lady Melania Trump participated in the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. The White House posted a poll online to determine which of the two…

  • Mississippi US Senate Debate
    Last Aired

    Mississippi U.S. Senate Debate

    In the run-off election for Mississippi’s U.S. Senate Race, incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) faced challenger Mike Espy (D) in their only scheduled debate.

  • Washington Journal Dan Caldwell and Will Fischer Discuss Veterans Issues
    Last Aired

    Dan Caldwell and Will Fischer on Veterans' Issues

    Concerned Veterans for America’s Dan Caldwell and VoteVets' Will Fischer talked about veterans' issues.

  • Washington Today

    Radio: Washington Today

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  • USArab Relations Conference Global Energy Market
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Arab Relations Conference, Global Energy Market

    The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations held its annual policymakers conference in Washington, DC. In this portion, a panel of experts on the global energy market discussed the impact…

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