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  • US House Meets for Legislative Business
    Last Aired

    House Session, Part 2

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  • Washington Journal Julian Zelizer Discusses Barack Obamas Presidency
    Last Aired

    Julian Zelizer on Barack Obama's Presidency

    Professor Julian Zelizer talked about his new book, The Presidency of Barack Obama: A First Historical Assessment.

  • US Senate Debates Online Sex Trafficking Bill
    Last Aired

    Senate Session

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  • President Trump Pushes Death Penalty for Drug Dealers
    Last Aired

    President Trump Announces New Policy to Combat Opioid Epidemic

  • Washington Journal Dr Anand Parekh Discusses the Federal Food Stamp Program
    Last Aired

    Dr. Anand Parekh on the Food Stamp Program

    Dr. Anand Parekh talked about a new Bipartisan Policy Center report highlighting ways to improve the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as “food stamps.” This program was part of…

  • Washington Journal Lisa Mascaro and Mike Lillis Preview the Week Ahead in Washington
    Last Aired

    Lisa Mascaro and Mike Lillis on the Week Ahead in Washington

    Lisa Mascaro and Mike Lillis previewed the key story lines for the upcoming week on Capitol Hill and at the White House.

  • Hearing Focuses on Combating Sexual Harassment in Service Sector
    Last Aired

    Sexual Harassment in the Service Sector

  • Panelists Discuss Future of Syria
    Last Aired

    Future of Syria

    The U.S. Institute of Peace hosted former U.S. government officials for a discussion on Syria’s civil war. They talked about the future of Syria and why the United States and other countries must stay…

  • House Meets for Legislative Business
    Last Aired

    House Session, Part 1

    The House convened for one-minute speeches.

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  • Russian President Putin Wins ReElection
    Last Aired

    Russian Presidential Election Results

    At a news conference after his re-election victory, Russian President Vladimir Putin made comments on the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he spoke on…

  • Experts Discuss Future of USNorth Korea Talks
    Last Aired

    U.S.-North Korea Talks

    The Center for American Progress hosted a panel discussion with former government officials on the future of U.S.-North Korea talks. Panelists spoke at length about the current tense relations with…

  • US House Meets for Morning Hour
    Last Aired

    Morning Hour

    The House met for Morning Hour, with members permitted to speak on any topic.

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  • Former Ambassadors Discuss NAFTA and Security Implications
    Last Aired

    NAFTA and National Security Implications

    The Heritage Foundation hosted a discussion on NAFTA negotiations and the national security implications if the U.S. pulls out of the agreement. Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), a strong NAFTA…

  • Washington Journal David Maraniss and Jim Webb Discuss the Vietnam War
    Last Aired

    David Maraniss and Jim Webb on the Vietnam War in 1968

    Jim Webb and David Maraniss talked about the major military, political and diplomatic developments in the Vietnam War during 1968 from the January Tet Offensive to the escalating body count and…

  • Former Intelligence Officials Discuss Russian Cyber Threats
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Russian Cyber Activities

    Former intelligence and national security officials assessed the U.S. response to Russian cyber activities. Speakers included former National Security Agency Deputy Director Richard…

  • Environmental Impacts of Cuts to Climate Research
    Last Aired

    Climate and Environmental Research Program Cuts

    Ari Pitrinos and Kei Kuozumi, authors of a new report on the environmental and societal impacts of the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to climate and environmental research programs, gave a…

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 2

    Telephone lines and social media were open for viewer comments on news of the day.

  • Panelists Discuss Innovation in Automotive Industry
    Last Aired

    Automotive Innovation and Wireless Technology

    New America hosted a conversation on the auto industry’s use of wireless technology to improve the safety of drivers on U.S. roadways. Panelists debated the use of public airwaves for…

  • Alliance Defending Freedom Previews Upcoming Supreme Court Case
    Last Aired

    California's Reproductive FACT Act

    Legal experts previewed Supreme Court oral argument in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, which the high court was to hear on March 20, 2018. The case concerns California’s…

  • emKatharine and RJ Reynoldsem
    Last Aired

    Katharine and R.J. Reynolds

    In her book Katharine and R.J. Reynolds, Wake Forest Dean Michele Gillespie chronicled the life of this tobacco magnate and wife and the role they played in the development of Winston-Salem. C-SPAN’s…

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