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  • Modern Richmond Virginia Politics
    Last Aired

    Modern Richmond, Virginia, Politics

    Douglas Wilder was the first African American elected as governor in U.S. history, serving Virginia from 1990 to 1994. Mr. Wilder was a guest speaker in a Virginia Commonwealth University class…

  • Lynchburg During World War I
    Last Aired

    Lynchburg During World War I

    Lynchburg Museum curator Laura Wilson talked about the city of Lynchburg, Virginia, during World War I. Lynchburg was the site of a train station and a Red Cross post, and soldiers and residents contributed…

  • emThe Water Will Comeem
    Last Aired

    The Water Will Come

    Jeff Goodell reported on the rise of sea levels and changing coast lines.

  • Washington Journal Doug Henwood Discusses the US Pension Crisis
    Last Aired

    Doug Henwood on the Pension Crisis

    Doug Henwood talked about his article in the February issue of In These Times on the ongoing pension crisis and how the system’s reliance on Wall Street is adding to the shortfall. This program was…

  • emGrass Rootsem
    Last Aired

    Grass Roots

    Center for Public Integrity Fellow Emily Dufton examined the history and the fight for and against marijuana in the United States.

  • Communicators at 2018 CES Part 4
    Last Aired

    Communicators at 2018 CES, Part 4

    The Communicators airs interviews from CES - the 2018 technology show held in January in Las Vegas -- focused on the latest in TVs, 5G, & digital media. Among those interviewed on this program:…

  • Democratic Weekly Address
    Last Aired

    Democratic Weekly Address

    Democratic Senators Ron Wyden (OR), Bob Casey (PA), and Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), through video clips, gave the weekly Democratic address on the recently passed tax reform bill.

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  • emOur Germansem
    Last Aired

    Our Germans

    In his book, Our Germans: Project Paperclip and the National Security State, Brian Crim explained the secret government operation used to smuggle Nazi scientists into the U.S. and the reaction of the…

  • Military Rivals Ulysses S Grant and Robert E Lee
    Last Aired

    Military Rivals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee

    Historians John Marszalek and Craig Symonds looked at the military rivalry between Civil War Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee. They compared Grant and Lee’s childhoods, their…

  • emSelloutem
    Last Aired


    Author and Liberty University professor Ron Miller talked about his book, Sellout: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch. In his book, he examines the role minority conservatives play in the discussion about…

  • emTen on Tinem
    Last Aired

    Ten on Tin

    Lynchburg native DuBois Miller gave a tour of his childhood neighborhood, Tinbridge Hill, one of the economically underdeveloped areas of Lynchburg, Virginia. Mr. Miller is the author of Ten on Tin: My…

  • emBound to the Fireem
    Last Aired

    Bound to the Fire

    Food has always played an important role in American culture. Author Kelley Fanto Deetz talked about her book Bound to the Fire: How Virginia’s Enslaved Cooks Helped Invent American Cuisine, in which she…

  • emChasing Spaceem
    Last Aired

    Chasing Space

    Former NFL player and NASA astronaut Leland Melvin talked about his book Chasing Space: An Astronaut’s Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances, in which he recounted his time growing up in Lynchburg,…

  • Book TV in Lynchburg Virginia
    Last Aired

    Book TV in Lynchburg, Virginia

    C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) made a stop in their “2018 LCV Cities Tour” in Lynchburg, Virginia, from January 20-26, to feature the history and literary life of the…

  • Anne Spencer House and Garden
    Last Aired

    Anne Spencer House and Garden

    Anne Spencer was a poet during the Harlem Renaissance period. Her granddaughter, Shaun Spencer-Hester, gave a tour of her grandmother’s home and told the story of how Anne Spencer brought the Harlem…

  • Small Business Summit Warren Buffett
    Last Aired

    Small Business Summit, Warren Buffett

    Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett talked about his personal experience in business and gave advice to small business owners at Goldman Sachs' small business summit.

  • emRanger Gamesem
    Last Aired

    Ranger Games

    Ben Blum explored his cousin U.S. Army Ranger Alex Blum’s shift from soldier to criminal.

  • Representative Bob Goodlatte on Lynchburg Economics
    Last Aired

    Representative Bob Goodlatte on Lynchburg Economics

    Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) described the economic drivers of Virginia’s sixth congressional district and the issues that are important to his constituents. C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles…

  • emBlood Brothersem
    Last Aired

    Blood Brothers

    Deanne Stillman retraced the relationship between Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull.

  • emThe Spider Networkem
    Last Aired

    The Spider Network

    New York Times finance editor David Enrich reported on a financial scam by a group of bankers, brokers, and traders that impacted millions of people with mortgages, student loans, auto…

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