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  • National Competitiveness Forum
    Last Aired

    National Competitiveness Forum

  • Global Impact of Brexit
    Last Aired

    Global Impact of Brexit

  • Washington Journal William Browder Discusses Russian Influence in the US Election
    Last Aired

    William Browder Discusses Russian Influence in the U.S. Election

    William Browder, CEO of London-based Hermitage Capital Management and a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, talked about Russia’s influence campaigns in the U.S. and other…

  • Mayor Yepsen on Saratoga Springs New York
    Last Aired

    Mayor Yepsen on Saratoga Springs, New York

    Mayor Joanne Yepsen talked about the history and politics of Saratoga Springs, New York. C-SPAN’s Local Content Vehicles (LCVs) made a stop in their “2017 LCV Cities Tour” in Saratoga…

  • Washington Journal Joseph Lawler Discusses Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Joseph Lawler on Tax Reform

    Joseph Lawler talked about the Republican tax bill that was scheduled to be voted on in the upcoming week.

  • Washington Journal Randolph May and Christopher Lewis Discuss FCCs Net Neutrality Repeal
    Last Aired

    Randolph May and Christopher Lewis on the FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal

    Randolph May and Chris Lewis talked about the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules.

  • Washington Journal 12152017
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal 12/15/2017

  • Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls
    Last Aired

    Open Phones, Part 1

    Telephone lines and social media were open for viewer comments on the question “Do you support or oppose the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality rules?”

  • Senate Panel Examines Energy and Resource Infrastructure Permitting Process
    Last Aired

    Energy and Resource Infrastructure Projects Permitting Process

    The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on the federal permitting process for energy and natural resource infrastructure projects. Witnesses included officials from…

  • FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules
    Last Aired

    Federal Communications Commission Votes on Net Neutrality, Part 1

    he Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held a meeting to discuss seven agenda items, one of which included a vote to repeal net neutrality rules. Other agenda items included the…

  • Deputy Attorney General Says No Good Cause to Fire Special Counsel
    Last Aired

    Russian Interference in 2016 Election

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified before the House Judiciary Committee about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia’s influence in the 2016 presidential election.…

  • Obstruction of Justice Law
    Last Aired

    Obstruction of Justice Law

    The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy hosted a panel discussion about obstruction of justice law. Legal experts and scholars discussed how prosecutors build an obstruction of…

  • President Trump Confident Senator Rubio Will Support Tax Reform Bill
    Last Aired

    President Trump Remarks on Deregulation

    President Trump delivered remarks in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on deregulation. He said his administration had exceeded its deregulation goals set earlier that year. The president…

  • Geoffrey Fowler on FCC and Net Neutrality
    Last Aired

    Geoffrey Fowler on FCC and Net Neutrality

    Geoffrey Fowler spoke about the Federal Communications Commission’s vote to repeal net neutrality rules.

  • Senator Blumenthal on Sandy Hook School Shooting
    Last Aired

    Senator Blumenthal on Sandy Hook School Shooting

    Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) noted the fifth anniversary of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. He called for gun control legislation and said…

  • Ambassador Nikki Haley Says US Has Evidence Iran Violated UN Resolutions
    Last Aired

    U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Remarks on Iran

    Using what she says is a recovered Iranian rocket as a backdrop, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley held a news conference to say that “indisputable” evidence of weapon debris has been…

  • Hearing Examines National Security Implications of Foreign Investment in US
    Last Aired

    Foreign Investment and National Security

    A House Financial Services subcommittee examined foreign investment in the U.S. and the inter-agency committee (CFIUS) that oversees the transactions. Members heard from former officials…

  • FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules
    Last Aired

    Federal Communications Commission Votes on Net Neutrality, News Conferences

    After their meeting, FCC commissioners, including Chair Ajit Pai (R), and legal staff spoke to reporters about the commission’s 3-2 party line vote to repeal the net neutrality rules. In…

  • Former Ambassadors Testify on US Strategy in Middle East
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Middle East

    Former ambassadors to the Middle East Ryan Crocker, Eric Edelman, James Jeffrey, and Stuart Jones testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about U.S. strategy in the region. They…

  • Representatives McCarthy and Hoyer Discuss House Agenda
    Last Aired

    Representatives McCarthy and Hoyer on House Agenda

    Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) discussed the upcoming week’s House agenda, including tax reform and government spending.

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