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    Civility in Election Discourse

    The Washington Post's Callum Borchers, Politico’s Hadas Gold, Business Roundtable Senior Vice President Bill Miller, PBS' Alexander Heffner, and Franklin Pierce University’s Jed Donelan…

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    Education Secretary John King on Civic Engagement and U.S. Schools

    Education Secretary John King talked about the role played by U.S. schools to prepare students for civic engagement, as well as the Obama administration’s legacy on education policy. Among his…

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    Marist Institute Poll for New Hampshire and Nevada

    Lee Miringoff talked by telephone about Marist Institute for Public Opinion poll results released earlier that day finding that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were tied in Nevada while…

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    Presidential Campaign Ads

    Two presidential campaign ads were shown. The Clinton campaign ad, “Bryce,” released October 26, 2016, featured a boy named Bryce with muscular dystrophy who criticizes Trump for making fun of a…

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    Matt Borges on Ohio as a Battleground State

    Matt Borges talked about what makes Ohio a battleground state in the presidential election, as well as recent polling and some of the other races, including Ohio’s Senate contest. He spoke…

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    Churchill Conference

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    David Pepper on Ohio as a Battleground State

    David Pepper talked about Ohio’s role as a battleground state, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy there, and the state’s Senate race between incumbent…

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    South Carolina 4th Congressional District Debate

    South Carolina’s 4th congressional district candidates, incumbent Rep. Trey Gowdy (R) and Chris Fedalei (D) participated in a debate at Furman University ahead of Election Day. The two…

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    Military Modernization

    Defense Secretary Ashton Carter talked about the Pentagon’s Third Offset Strategy, which aims to modernize military strategies and technologies.

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    Henry Gomez on Ohio as a Battleground State

    Henry Gomez talked about the battleground state of Ohio, including voters, recent polling, and down-ballot races, including the state’s closely watched Senate contest. He spoke via video…

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    The Negro Soldier

    This 1944 documentary was intended to encourage African Americans to enlist in the U.S. Army during World War II. The film traces the history of African American contributions to society…

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    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer comments on news of the day and on the question, “Do you have confidence in the Supreme Court?”

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    New Hampshire Senate Debate

    New Hampshire U.S. Senate candidates, incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) and Governor Maggie Hassan (D) participated in a debate. Courtesy of NH1-TV.

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    Russian Media's Relationship with Government

    Two Russian journalists explained the relationship between the Russian government and the Russian media at the Center for National Interest in Washington, DC. The two journalists weighed in on…

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    New York 24th Congressional District Debate

    New York 24th Congressional District candidates, incumbent Representative John Katko (R) and Colleen Deacon (D), met for a debate.

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    Justice Thomas Remarks at the Heritage Foundation

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas participated in a sit-down interview at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. October, 23, 2016 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of Justice…

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    Governor Mike Pence at LaGuardia Airport

    The scene was shown where the campaign plane of Republican vice-presidential nominee Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) had slid off the runway while landing at LaGuardia Airport in a rain storm.…

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    Mitch Ceasar on Florida as a Battleground State

    Mitch Ceasar examined the Democratic Party and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy in Florida, as well as this year’s key issues, important down-ballot races, and…

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    Radio: Washington Today

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