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    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer comments on news of the day.

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    U.S. Senate

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    Clean Power Plan and President Obama's Climate Change Record

    Attorney Jeff Holmstead, who is representing a lead plaintiff in the challenge to the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, talked about the case, as well as President Obama’s record on…

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    Technology and Innovation

    The creator of Apple’s Siri software provided a demonstration of his newest personal assistant software, Viv. Also, a panel of technology business officials talked about how to expand…

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    Congressional Primaries

    The Hill's Alex Bolton, speaking by phone, previewed key congressional primary contests in Florida and Arizona.

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    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were open for viewer responses to a question on the 2016 congressional elections: “Will you vote to re-elect your members of Congress in November 2016?” The Hill's Alex…

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    Washington Journal Program 8/30/2016

    Washington Journal

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    Terrorism Challenges

    Panelists talked about ways to combat terrorist threats. Former Turkish Parliament member Aykan Erdemir said the national security approach Turkey is taking against terrorism is not working, and he called on…

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    Counterterrorism Challenges

    Homeland Security Under Secretary for Intelligence Francis Taylor and Dutch Security and Counterterrorism Coordinator Dick Schoof discussed counterterrorism operations and intelligence…

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    Book Discussion on Dark Money

    Jane Mayer talked about her book Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right, in which she investigates the wealth and influence of billionaires…

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    Terrorism and National Security

    Panelists talked about global terrorism and national security issues and debated the question, “Is terrorism a threat to the American way of life?” Panelists included Lawrence Wright, Malcolm…

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    Feminism Across Generations

    BlogHer, a media company that began in San Jose, California, in 2005, held its 12th annual conference. Panelists in this session talked about the contemporary meaning of feminism and how…

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    Book Discussion on Wake Up America

    Eric Bolling talked about his book Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great--and Why We Need Them More Than Ever, in which he looks at the values and virtues that helped…

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    Book Discussion on The World According to Star Wars

    Cass Sunstein talked about his book The World According to Star Wars, in which he discusses what can be learned about history, presidential politics, law, economics, and culture from the…

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    Animal Rights National Conference

    Animal rights activists talked about the relationship between humans and animals, and the use of animals in testing. They also argued that school, hospital, military, and prison cafeterias…

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    U.S. Government Human Radiation Experiments

    University of Michigan History of Medicine Professor Dr. Joel Howell talked about U.S. Government Human Radiation Experiments during the Cold War. This class was from a course titled “History of…

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    State Department Daily Briefing

    John Kirby briefed reporters and responded to their questions on a variety of international topics.

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    Newsmakers with Cornell William Brooks

    Cornell William Brooks talked about the Justice Department’s report on Baltimore policing and the NAACP’s belief that a national policing crisis exists. He also spoke about voting rights in 2016,…

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    Civil and Human Rights

    Scholars and activists talked about civil and human rights. It was the first in a series of conversations around the nation on rights and justice hosted by the National Archvies. “Civil Rights: Then and Now,” was…

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