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    Airline Industry Safety

    Among the topics they addressed were improvements in airline design, labor relations and working conditions and technological developments.

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    Airline Industry

    Southwest Airlines chairman, president, and chief executive officer Gary Kelly responded to questions about all facets of air travel and Southwest Airlines in particular from a student…

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    U.S. Airline Industry

    Elliott Seiden, vice president of Northwest Airlines, David Stempler, of the International Airline Passengers Association, and Gerald Balliles, of the National Airlines Commission, discussed airline business trends. They focused on competition between large airline carriers and smaller, lesser known companies for business.

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    Airline CEOs on Competition from Foreign Carriers

    Airline Industry and International Competition

    They argued that airline carriers in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were receiving unfair subsidies from their governments, and said they asked the Obama administration to freeze the Gulf carriers' flight rights to the U.S.

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    Airline Fees

    Representatives from the airline industry and federal transportation employees testified on the airline* practice of charging passengers for individual services, and requirements for disclosure of fares, fees, and taxes.

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    Airline Industry

    David Neeleman talked about his company Jetblue Airways and the company’s Bill of Rights for customers. He also responded to questions.

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    U.S. Airline Industry Labor Issues

    The commission heard testimony from a panel of labor representatives on issues related to labor forces within the airline industry. Topics brought up included wage rates among airline* employees and labor-management relations.

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    State of the Airline Industry

    Doug Parker talked about his efforts to merge his United Airline with American Airlines, and the overall state of the airline industry and recent trend toward airline* consolidation.

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    Airline Industry Issues

    David Barger talked about airline industry news stories. ... Barger and other leaders of the aviation industry are gathering at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today for the 7th annual industry summit. Others will be testifying before the House Transportation Committee on recently publicized airline safety issues.

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    Airline Industry

    David Shepardson on the State of the U.S. Airline Industry

    David Shepardson talked about the state of the airline industry ahead of holiday travel and new federal enforcement of consumer protections for airline* passengers.

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    Airline Delays and Consumer Issues

    Transportation officials and industry representatives testified at a hearing on airline delays and consumer issues.

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    Washington Journal: David Shepardson Discusses State of the Airline Industry

    David Shepardson on the State of the Airline Industry

    David Shepardson talked about state of the airline industry at the start of the holiday travel season.

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    U.S. Airline Industry Deregulation

    The National Airline Commission heard testimony from academicians and industry representatives on the impact of deregulation of airlines during the 1980s. Witnesses offered recommendations for increasing the economic stability of the industry.

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    Airline Industry

    Joe Leonard talked about the airline industry from the perspective of a low-fare carrier. Among the topics he addressed were variations in fares by region, the state of competition in the industry*, recent mergers, and the role of the federal government.

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    State of U.S. Airline Industry

    Former Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Marion Blakey talked about recent FAA issues in the news. Topics included air traffic control tower incidents and staffing, increasingly…

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    FAA Oversight of Airline Industry

    Christopher Conkey talked about recent developments in the airline industry, including legislation introduced this week known as the "Aviation Safety Enhancement Act of 2008," which calls for creation of an independent Aviation Safety Whistleblower Investigation Office within the FAA. He also talked about the FAA's announcement this week to require that thousands of airline jet fuel tanks be upgraded to prevent explosions like TWA Flight 800 in 1996, the overall state of the industry, and responded to telephone calls and electronic mail.

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    Airline Industry Stability

    Potter will discuss his testimony before Congress the previous day on the stability of the airline industry, protecting against terrorism and the summer travel season.

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    Mergers and the Airline Industry

    A hearing was held on the state of the airline industry and the potential impact of airline mergers and industry consolidation.

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    Economic Impact on Airline Industry

    Marilyn Geewax talked about a new NPR Series, “Troubled Skies.” The series looks at the impact the economy is having on both commercial and general aviation. Ms. Geewax responded to…

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    Airline Safety and Security

    Airline industry experts talked about challenges in aviation safety, security, and human performance, and the action required to ensure that air transportation in North America achieves the highest possible standards.

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