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    Alaska, A Modern Frontier

    This educational film surveys the territory of Alaska in the late 1940s, featuring industries, transportation, geography, and the people before it became a state on January 3, 1959.

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    Salute to the Canadian Army

    This episode of the U.S. Army “Big Picture” series tells the story of the Canadian army from 1760 to 1958 and features the two World Wars, Korea, and NATO war games and exercises.

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    NATO, Background to Berlin

    This 1962 film documents the city of Berlin from the end of World War II to the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. Produced by the NATO Information Service, the film details the Soviet…

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    On the Case

    This film documents the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign, which was organized by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to shift the focus of the civil…

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    Ladies Wear the Blue

    “Ladies Wear the Blue” is a U.S. Navy documentary and recruitment film tracing the history of women in the Navy from 1917 to 1974. It features an interview with World War I and World War II…

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    Conversation on Women's Rights

    The National Commission on the Observance of International Women’s Year 1975 sponsored this conversation with Rep. Martha Griffith (D-Michigan), Rep. Patsy Mink (D-Hawaii) and Wendy Ross of the U.S. Information Service.…

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    Senator Edward Kennedy 1980 Convention Speech

    At the 1980 Democratic National Convention, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), a presidential candidate that year, delivered a speech stressing party unity and the problems of the nation. He said to his…

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    Presidential Debate, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan

    President Jimmy Carter and Republican presidential nominee Ronald Reagan met in Cleveland, Ohio, for the last of two presidential debates prior to the 1980 presidential election. This was…

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  • Students and Leaders

    Edwin Meese III answered questions from students about Reagan Administration policies.

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  • State of the Union Address Reaction

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  • 20th Anniversary of the March on Washington

    Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington, speakers addressed the original march and the state of civil rights in America. Note: This program is incomplete…

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    1984 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate

    Candidates for the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination participated in a debate. Candidates included former Vice President Walter Mondale, Senator Gary Hart (D-CO), former Senator…

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  • 67th Precinct Caucus

    Rosemary Olds officiated at the Democratic Party Primary Caucus in Iowa’s 67th precinct in Polk County, Iowa.

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  • Economic Policy Legislation

    The House debated legislation to expand economic growth, reduce unemployment, and increase funding for vocational education.

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    House Session

    The House debated legislation to expand economic growth, reduce unemployment, and increase funding for vocational education. Note: This is an incomplete program.

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    1984 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate

    Former Vice President Walter Mondale, Senators Gary Hart (D-CO) and John Glenn (D-OH), former Senator George McGovern (D-SD), and Jesse Jackson participated in a debate for the 1984 Democratic presidential…

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    Women's Issues

    Three Democratic presidential candidates responded to questions from panelists and students.

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    Democratic National Committee Hearing

    The Democratic National Committee held a public hearing to hear testimony on national defense, arms control and other issues. Note: There is some video breakup during the program.

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    Mondale Campaign Speech

    Walter Mondale addressed club members and guests about his campaign.

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  • Arms Control and Weapon Systems

    The House met to debate arms control measures and the termination of certain weapons.

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