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  • Communicators with Ajit Pai
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Ajit Pai

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai talks about FCC issues during the first 2 years of his chairmanship & looks ahead to next year.

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  • Communicators with Cristina Chaplain
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Cristina Chaplain

    Cristina Chaplain of the Government Accountability Office talked her department's study of the state of the Pentagon's weapons system cybersecurity. The study found almost all U.S. weapons systems have "mission-critical cyber vulnerabilities."

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  • Communicators with Scott Galloway
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Scott Galloway

    New York University Professor Scott Galloway talks about his book The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. He discussed what he calls the four most powerful companies in the world and their impact on our lives.

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  • Communicators with Noah Phillips
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Noah Phillips

    Noah Phillips (R), a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), talked about the FTC becoming the chief regulator of the internet, having its full slate of five commissioners, and new hearings on privacy issues.

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  • Communicators with Nicola Palmer
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Nicola Palmer

    Nicola Palmer talked about Verizon's efforts to be the first U.S. company to implement 5G. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology that will make much faster speeds possible for downloading video to smartphones and allow cars to "talk" to each other and enable more of the" internet of things." She described introducing 5G to four U.S. cities on October 1, 2018, and the race with China to be the 5G leader.

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  • Communicators with Kim Zetter
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Kim Zetter

    Cybersecurity analyst and reporter Kim Zetter discussed voting machines and election security ahead of the November midterm elections.

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  • Communicators with Joseph Turow
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Joseph Turow

    He said many people mistakenly believe the term "privacy policy" guarantees their information will be kept private.

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  • Communicators with Jeff Cohen
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Jeff Cohen

    Jeff Cohen talked about efforts to improve communications among first responders since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, showed the flaws in communications systems.

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  • Communicators with Jeanette Manfra
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Jeanette Manfra

    Jeanette Manfra, the key official responsible for Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity and communications, talked about cyber threats against the U.S. in 2018. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had recently said that the U.S. is "currently in a pandemic stage of cyber attacks and cyber threats." Topics included efforts to foil foreign interference in the 2018 midterm elections, and emergency communications during disasters. ... Manfra was interviewed at the Department of Homeland Security in Arlington, Virginia.

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  • Communicators with David Redl
    Last Aired

    Communicators with David Redl

    David Redl talked about the Trump administration's spectrum policy. Topics included the status of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and emergency communications as well as internet governance. ... Redl's agency, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), advises the president on telecommunications.

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  • Communicators with Barry Lynn
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Barry Lynn

    Barry Lynn, who heads the Open Markets Institute (OMI), talked about his organization, which studies the size and power of companies that look like monopolies. He said the companies that concern him most are "platform" companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and possibly Uber, and argued that monopolies threaten democracy and the economy. ... Lynn also spoke about some of the ways to prevent companies from becoming dangerous, such as anti-trust laws. ... Lynn formed OMI after he and the Open Markets division of the New America Foundation were forced to leave the organization.

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  • Communicators with Jonathan Spalter
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Jonathan Spalter

    Jonathan Spalter talked about communications issues, including developing 5G, expansion of broadband through the U.S., and USTelecom's view that government needs to help build out into hard-to-reach areas.

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  • Communicators with Thomas Hazlett
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Thomas Hazlett

    Thomas Hazlett talked about the history of wireless spectrum regulation and his book, The Political Spectrum.

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  • Communicators with Louis Rossetto
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Louis Rossetto

    Louis Rossetto, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of WIRED Magazine, talked about founding the publication. Topics included the impact Wired as had, the early days of the internet, and his firing from the magazine he founded.

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  • Communicators with Mark Mills
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Mark Mills

    Mark Mills, co-founder of Digital Power Capital, talked about Work in the Age of Robots. In his new book he suggests that despite aritificial intelligence and automation, the job sector is likely to grow and productivity will increase.

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  • Communicators with Jonathan Adelstein
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Jonathan Adelstein

    Jonathan Adelstein, president of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), talked about 5G and small-cell technology. WIA builds the cell towers and other technologies needed for the next generation of mobile communications.

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  • Communicators with Victoria Espinel and Nuala OConnor
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Victoria Espinel and Nuala O'Connor

    Victoria Espinel and and Nuala O'Connor, respectively the presidents and CEOs of BSA-The Software Alliance and the Center for Democracy and Technology, talked about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP). They discussed its effect on the U.S., and how technology companies such as Google and Facebook and others protect data around the world. The privacy rules took effect May 25, 2018.

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  • Communicators with Syed Kamall
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Syed Kamall

    Syed Kamall, a member of the European Parliament, talked about European Union (EU) technology policy issues. Topics included the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy regulations of concern to some U.S.-based companies, and the impact of the U.K.'s exit from the EU (also known as "Brexit" on technology developments.

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  • Communicators with Tina Pidgeon and Christopher Dietrich
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Tina Pidgeon and Christopher Dietrich

    GCI General Counsel Tina Pidgeon and Christopher Dietrich, of the Alaska Collaborative for Telemedicine Telehealth talked about about how telecommunications and medical services are provided in a large state such as Alaska.

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  • Communicators with Morgan Reed
    Last Aired

    Communicators with Morgan Reed

    App Association President Morgan Reed talked about concerns related to privacy, cybersecurity, and the ability of app developers to create apps. The App Association represents some 5,000 app developers. Topics included the new European privacy rules, and a broadening array of efforts in U.S. states to develop privacy laws. ... Reed also discussed a case accepted by the Supreme Court for the 2018-19 term on whether Apple has a monopoly on app sales. July 2018 was the 10th anniversary of Apple's App Store, which has 500 million weekly visitors.

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