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Early American History (1600-1850)


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  • Virtual Mayflower Project
    Last Aired

    Virtual Mayflower Project

    Director Robert Stone talked about the Virtual Mayflower Project which uses virtual reality to recreate the ship that travelled from Plymouth, England to America in 1620 and the harbor from…

  • emMayflowerem
    Last Aired


    Nathaniel Philbrick talked about his book Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War, published by Viking. He read from his book and talked about the history of Plymouth Colony, founded in…

  • emThe Beginning at Plymouth Colonyem
    Last Aired

    The Beginning at Plymouth Colony

    This Cold War classroom lecture film argues that the Pilgrims' early collectivist economic system failed, leading to a more successful capitalist system based on individual responsibility…

  • emEarly Settlers of New England Salem 16261629em
    Last Aired

    Early Settlers of New England, Salem 1626-1629

    This 1940 classroom film depicts the basics of colonial life, from household cooking and crafts, to farming, fishing, game hunting, and home construction methods.

  • emPlymouth Colony The First Yearem
    Last Aired

    Plymouth Colony: The First Year

    This Coronet educational film dramatizes the Pilgrims' journey from England to Holland, and to New England in 1620, and ends with a depiction of the first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. Much of the…

  • emThe Pilgrimsem
    Last Aired

    The Pilgrims

    This classroom film dramatizes the Pilgrim’s flight from religious persecution in England to the Netherlands, then 12 years later their ocean voyage on the Mayflower, and the founding of…

  • Southern White Women Slave Owners
    Last Aired

    Southern White Women Slave Owners

    Stephanie Jones-Rogers detailed her research into Southern white women slaveholders who, she calculates, comprised 40 percent of slave owners in some regions. The previous estimate had been…

  • Congress Hall
    Last Aired

    Congress Hall

    Matthew Ifill talked about Congress Hall, located next to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. The U.S. Congress met in the building from 1790 to 1800 and Presidents George Washington and John…

  • Rethinking Americas Founding Narrative
    Last Aired

    Rethinking America's Founding Narrative

    Constitutional law Professor Kermit Roosevelt presented a talk titled: “The Constitution and Declaration of Independence: A Contrary View.” Professor Roosevelt, the great-great-grandson of…

  • Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention
    Last Aired

    Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention

    National Park Service Park Ranger Matthew Ifill tells the story of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention from the room inside Independence Hall where the events…

  • Plymouth Rock
    Last Aired

    Plymouth Rock

    Plimoth Patuxet deputy executive director Richard Pickering told the story of the Pilgrims' landing in 1620 at Plymouth Rock and how it has been preserved.

  • Patriot Movement Before the American Revolution
    Last Aired

    Patriot Movement Before the American Revolution

    Historian Amy Watson talked about British imperialism and the New England Patriot movement in the 1700s. She described the movement’s ideology, discussed why they were involved in the 1745…

  • Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Last Aired

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Brigham Young University Professor Jay Buckley taught a class about Lewis and Clark’s expedition across the American West after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Also known as the Corps of…

  • Pilgrims and Liberty
    Last Aired

    Pilgrims and Liberty

    Author John Turner talked about his book, They Knew They Were Pilgrims: Plymouth Colony and the Contest for American Liberty. He discussed the colony’s views on religious and political…

  • Jonathan Barth Discusses Andrew Jackson Presidency
    Last Aired

    Presidency of Andrew Jackson

    Arizona State University professor Jonathan Barth talked about the rise of Andrew Jackson and his presidency. He focused on Jackson’s clashes with Whig party members such as Henry Clay and Daniel…

  • Henry Clay John C Calhoun and Daniel Webster
    Last Aired

    Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, and Daniel Webster

    Author H.W. Brands discussed 19th century political figures Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun and Daniel Webster. He explained why the three statesmen were critical to American politics between…

  • Culture of the Antebellum Congress
    Last Aired

    Culture of the Antebellum Congress

    Professor Thomas Balcerski talked about the culture of Congress in the Antebellum Era. He described how members of Congress in the early 1800s bonded across party lines through tobacco use,…

  • Jefferson Lafayette and the French Revolution
    Last Aired

    Jefferson, Lafayette and the French Revolution

    Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette -- portrayed by Monticello’s Bill Barker and Colonial Williamsburg’s Mark Schneider-- discussed the French Revolution, the alliance between…

  • Discussion on the Constitutional Convention of 1787
    Last Aired

    Constitutional Convention of 1787

    Professor Jack Rakove talked about some of the issues debated during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, such as the number of representatives for each state and the method of presidential…

  • Power in Antebellum Slave Societies
    Last Aired

    Power in Antebellum Slave Societies

    University of Maryland Professor Christopher Bonner taught a class about the concept of “power” in antebellum slave societies. He explored the different ways owners and enslaved people…

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