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  • Announcement of Membership of House Committee on Iran
  • Foreign Affairs Issues
    Last Aired

    Foreign Affairs Issues

    The committee heard witnesses invoke their Fifth Amendment rights in questioning on the Iran arms sales.

      House Foreign Affairs Committee   House Committee  House Committee50 views
  • Committee Stakeout
    Last Aired

    Committee Stakeout

    Committee members spoke with reporters after today's Iran-Contra hearings.

      House Foreign Affairs Committee 12 views
  • Iran Issues
    Last Aired

    Iran Issues

    Witnesses testified on the U.S. foreign policy towards Iran and Iranian arms sales.

      House Foreign Affairs Committee   House Committee  House Committee24 views
  • Foreign Affairs Stakeout
    Last Aired

    Foreign Affairs Stakeout

    Representatives spoke to reporters after today’s hearings.

      House Foreign Affairs Committee 25 views
  • New Hampshire Democratic Candidates
    Last Aired

    New Hampshire Democratic Candidates

    George Bruno talked about possible Democratic presidential candidates in New Hampshire.

  • Congressional Summit on Trade And Debt
    Last Aired

    Congressional Summit on Trade And Debt

    Panelists discussed international trade and financial policies. Note: This is an incomplete program.

  • Republican Leadership Briefing
    Last Aired

    Republican Leadership Briefing

    Republican leaders talked about their meeting with President Ronald Reagan and plans for a joint investigative committee.

  • Iceland Issues
    Last Aired

    Iceland Issues

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William Crowe testified about the meeting at Reykjavik,…

      House Armed Services Committee   House Committee  House Committee13 views
  • Iran Issues
    Last Aired

    Iran Issues

    Witnesses testified on the U.S. foreign policy towards Iran in light of the recently discovered arms…

      House Foreign Affairs Committee   House Committee  House Committee18 views
  • Monopolies
    Last Aired


    incomplete program with missing audio

      House Judiciary Committee   House Committee  House Committee9 views
  • Republican Strategies
    Last Aired

    Republican Strategies

    Frank Fahrenkopf talked about his election strategies for the Republican party.

  • Republican News Conference
    Last Aired

    Republican News Conference

    Frank Fahrenkopf talked to reporters about the election results and answered their questions.

      Republican National Committee RNC5 views
  • Democratic News Conference
    Last Aired

    Democratic News Conference

    Members of the Democratic National Committee discussed the election results and answered questions from the reporters.

      Democratic National Committee DNC6 views
  • Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Campaign Speech

      Republican National Committee RNC6 views
  • 1986 Election Night Coverage

    1986 Election Night Coverage

    C-SPAN’s election night coverage of the 1986 election results. Guests discussed the different races from…

  • Agricultural Issues
    Last Aired

    Agricultural Issues

    Witnesses testified about the effects the farm bill will have on feed grains, livestock and other…

      House Agriculture Committee   House Committee  House Committee29 views
  • Acid Rain Legislation
    Last Aired

    Acid Rain Legislation

    Witnesses testified on proposed regulation for sulfur emissions and acid rain reduction.

      Senate Environment and Public Works Committee   Senate Committee  Senate Committee77 views
  • Telecommunications
    Last Aired


    Witnesses testified on the Federal Communications Commission’s policy for spectrum licensing and its…

      House Energy & Commerce Committee   House Committee  House Committee26 views
  • Education Issues
    Last Aired

    Education Issues

    Witnesses testified on the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act, focusing on illiteracy in…

      Education Committee   House Committee  House Committee15 views
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