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Communicators at the Congressional Hackathon, Part 2


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  • Breakout Session DotGovcom

    Breakout Session:

    CEO John Leary of talks about the organizations' development of applications that compile Congressional committee hearing reports as well as constituent case work.

    C-SPAN clip by mcgorry
    • 3 minutes
  • Congressional Hackathon Chris Bien US House Floor Assistant for Rep Kevin McCarthy RCA

    Congressional Hackathon: Chris Bien, U.S. House Floor Assistant for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

    Chris Bien, U.S. House of Representatives Floor Assistant for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), talks about the purpose of the Congressional Hackathon.

    C-SPAN clip by mcgorry
    • 2 minutes
  • Whip Watch App

    Whip Watch App

    U.S. House of Representatives Senior Adviser to Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) talks about improvements to their Whip Watch App to include information about time left to vote on bills, tallies and…

    C-SPAN clip by mcgorry
    • 4 minutes
  • OpenGov Foundation Phone Based Engagement

    OpenGov Foundation: Phone Based Engagement

    OpenGov Foundation CEO, Seamus Kraft, and Director of Product Aaron Ogle, showcase their product to assist communication between constituents and members of Congress.

    C-SPAN clip by mcgorry
    • 3 minutes
  • GovTrackus Bill Tracking Bill Tracking Founder Josh Tauberer explains improvements his organization has made in technology that tracks the text in Congressional Bills as well as accessibility to documents and ethics…

    C-SPAN clip by mcgorry
    • 3 minutes
  • US House of Representatives Technology to Compare Archive and Manipulate Bills

    U.S. House of Representatives: Technology to Compare, Archive, and Manipulate Bills

    Kirsten Gullickson, Senior Systems Analyst for the U.S. House of Representatives, Office of the Clerk, talks about the development of a tool that compares different versions of bills and…

    C-SPAN clip by mcgorry
    • 3 minutes
  • General Services Administration Delivering Content on Platforms

    General Services Administration: Delivering Content on Platforms

    Peter Burkholder, Specialist, General Services Administration, talks about how the company can help creators manage and deliver their content on platforms.

    C-SPAN clip by mcgorry
    • 4 minutes