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  • Federal Government and Public Opinion
    Last Aired

    Federal Government and Public Opinion

    Public policy scholars and current and former elected officials took part in a Brookings Institution discussion on Americans' views of the federal government. At the start, University of…

  • Press Access to President Trump
    Last Aired

    Press Access to President Trump

    George Washington University held a panel discussion on press access to the Trump administration featuring White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and a number of members of the White House press corps. Ms. Sanders talked…

  • Brookings Forum Examines Record of the 115th Congress
    Last Aired

    Procedure and Politics of the 115th Congress

    Political scientists and reporters talked about the impact of House and Senate procedures on passing legislation in the 115th Congress, where Republican hold majorities in both chambers. The discussion…

  • National Press Foundation Hosts Discussion on Covering the Trump Administration
    Last Aired

    Covering the 115th Congress

    Journalists from Politico, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Daily Beast previewed the Trump administration, including how the president-elect’s relationship…

  • Discussion on The Past Century in Congress
    Last Aired

    Evolution and Future of Congress

    Scholars talked about a report, The Evolving Congress, the Congressional Research Service made as part of its centennial celebration. The panelists analyzed the evolution of Congress over the past…

  • Changing Senate Filibuster Rules
    Last Aired

    Changing Senate Filibuster Rules

    Brookings Institution Senior Governance Studies Fellow Sarah Binder talked about the announcement by Senate Democrats on Thursday, July 11, 2013, that, frustrated with Republican filibustering President…

  • Use of Senate Filibuster
    Last Aired

    Use of Senate Filibuster

    Panelists talked about the Senate filibuster rule. Topics included the increase in cloture motions in recent years, and the origins, use, and consequences of the filibuster. Former Senate…

  • 2007 Congressional Review
    Last Aired

    2007 Congressional Review

    Brookings’s “Mending the Broken Branch” project released its report on congressional performance during the previous year and previewed the year ahead. The authors suggested that over the…

  • Review of 110th Congress
    Last Aired

    Review of 110th Congress

    Panelists assessed congressional accomplishments during the year and examined legislators' progress in enacting reforms. Among the topics they addressed were the implementation of…

  • Congress and LongTerm Issues
    Last Aired

    Congress and Long-Term Issues

    First, former Senator Daschle talked about health care legislation, with former Rep. Frenzel (R-MN) responding. They answered audience members' questions. Then three experts presented…

  • Alito Supreme Court Nomination Analysis
    Last Aired

    Alito Supreme Court Nomination Analysis

    A panel discussion was held titled, “Scrutinizing Judge Alito: Does the Process Work?” Panelists discussed the confirmation debate involving U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel A.…

  • Reshaping the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Reshaping the Supreme Court

    Moderated by Mr. Taylor, the panelists talked about the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the nomination of John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Other topics…

  • Supreme Court Nomination Reaction
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Nomination Reaction

    Senators Kennedy, Grassley, and Kyl, along with General Counsel Peck talked about President Bush’s nomination of Judge John Roberts to replace Justice O’Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court. They…

  • Supreme Court Watch
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Watch

    Participating by telephone, Ms. Binder spoke about the nomination of Judge John Roberts to replace retiring U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. She discussed…

  • Judicial Confirmation Procedures
    Last Aired

    Judicial Confirmation Procedures

    Ms. Binder talked about the history of judicial nominations, filibuster rules in the Senate, and recent calls for changes to Senate rules to prevent the filibuster of judicial nominations.…

  • Midterm Election Preview
    Last Aired

    Midterm Election Preview

    Analystis talked about the 2002 midterm elections, the politics involved in various campaigns, issues being debated in particular races, forecasts for the election, and the potential impact…