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  • The President Congress and Party Polarization
    Last Aired

    The President, Congress, and Party Polarization

    A panel of scholars and media members discussed how party polarization impacts the relationship between the legislative and executive branches. The panelists also talked about how power has…

  • Brookings Forum Examines Record of the 115th Congress
    Last Aired

    Procedure and Politics of the 115th Congress

    Political scientists and reporters talked about the impact of House and Senate procedures on passing legislation in the 115th Congress, where Republican hold majorities in both chambers. The discussion…

  • Use of Senate Filibuster
    Last Aired

    Use of Senate Filibuster

    Panelists talked about the Senate filibuster rule. Topics included the increase in cloture motions in recent years, and the origins, use, and consequences of the filibuster. Former Senate…

  • 2007 Congressional Review
    Last Aired

    2007 Congressional Review

    Brookings’s “Mending the Broken Branch” project released its report on congressional performance during the previous year and previewed the year ahead. The authors suggested that over the…

  • Review of 110th Congress
    Last Aired

    Review of 110th Congress

    Panelists assessed congressional accomplishments during the year and examined legislators' progress in enacting reforms. Among the topics they addressed were the implementation of…