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    House Session, Part 3

    The House approved the fiscal year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Members passed legislation setting up a process to avoid a debt default by allowing the Senate to increase the debt…

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    Diversity in the Intelligence Community

    The directors of the National Intelligence Office, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency testified on improving diversity in the intelligence…

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    House Armed Services Committee Hearing on Afghanistan Withdrawal

    For the second consecutive day, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Mark Milley, and U.S. Central Command Commander General Kenneth McKenzie testified on the U.S.…

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    House Session

    The House completed work on the defense authorization bill, with final passage expected later in the week.

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    House Session, Part 2

    In a vote of 220-211, the House passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through December 3, 2021, and raise the debt limit through December 2022. The measure also provides $28.6 billion…

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    House Armed Services Committee Marks Up National Defense Authorization Act

    The House Armed Services Committee met to mark up the fiscal year National Defense Authorization Act.

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    Representative Mike Turner on Nuclear Arsenal and Deterrence

    Representative Mike Turner (R-OH) spoke about the military’s strategic capabilities, including missile defense and nuclear deterrence. Representative Turner is the ranking member on the…

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    Defense Department Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Request

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Mark Milley testified before the House Armed Services Committee on the department’s fiscal year 2022 budget request. In his…

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    Speaker Pelosi and Others on the Vanessa Guillen Act

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), and others spoke with reporters about the Vanessa Guillen Act, a bill which would change the military investigates…

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    House Hearing on Modernization of the Army and Marine Corps

    The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces held a hearing on President Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget request for the modernization of Army and Marine Corps…

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    National Security Space Programs Fiscal Year 2022 Funding Request

    National security leaders testified about their fiscal year 2022 budget requests for space programs before a House Armed Services subcommittee. Witnesses representing the Defense…

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    Military Operations in Africa and the Middle East

    The leaders of U.S. Africa and Central Commands testified on their missions and operations before the House Armed Services Committee. President Biden ‘s new Afghanistan strategy to withdrawal all U.S. forces…

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    House Select Intelligence Committee Hearing on Global Threats

    Intelligence agency leaders testified on current global threats at a House Intelligence Committee hearing. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines delivered opening testimony to outline the…

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    House Armed Services Hearing on COVID-19 Response

    The House Armed Services Committee held a hearing on the Defense Department’s (DOD) response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Representatives from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Guard and the…