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  • Discussion on Historical Accuracy of the Movie emLincolnem
    Last Aired

    Historical Accuracy of the Movie Lincoln

    Matthew Pinsker talked about Stephen Spielberg’s film, Lincoln, analyzing what was fact and what was Hollywood fiction. Professor Pinsker spoke about the historical significance of the events the movie portrays, but also…

  • Discussion on the Presidential Campaign of 1864
    Last Aired

    Presidential Campaign of 1864

    Panelists talked about factors that had an impact on President Lincoln’s re-election campaign in 1864. They spoke about President Lincoln’s expansion of presidential war powers and his relationship…

  • Wartime Press
    Last Aired

    Wartime Press

    Panelists talked about the evolution of the American wartime press from the Civil War to the present. They spoke about the relationship between the press and the executive branch, and the…