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  • CIA Director US Found Russia Didnt Affect 2016 Election Outcome
    Last Aired

    Mike Pompeo on National Security

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo spoke about national security policy at an event hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He discussed several issues, including cybersecurity, threats…

  • Terrorism Financing
    Last Aired

    Terrorism Financing

    The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington (AGSIW) hosted a panel discussion about terrorism financing and ongoing efforts to disrupt and prevent those funding networks' operations.…

  • CIA Director Calls WikiLeaks A NonState Hostile Intelligence Service
    Last Aired

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Intelligence and National Security

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo delivered his first public speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on national security and intelligence capabilities. Director Pompeo called WikiLeaks a…

  • Terrorism and Partnerships
    Last Aired

    Terrorism and Partnerships

    Following a keynote address from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, public and private sector officials talked about partnerships in intelligence gathering and sharing.

  • emWashington Postem Hosts Forum on Cybersecurity
    Last Aired

    Cybersecurity Summit

    Cybersecurity experts from the public and private sectors, including White House Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Assistant Lisa Monaco, participated in the Washington Post’s sixth…

  • George Washington University National Security and Cybersecurity Conference
    Last Aired

    George Washington University National Security and Cybersecurity Conference, Part 2

    Representatives from the U.S. government, the French government, and the private sector discussed tracking and preventing terrorist travel. Then, three former government intelligence officials discussed the…

  • Hearing on European Terrorist Attacks
    Last Aired

    Combating Terrorism

    The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee heard testimony on the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, and ways to keep Americans safe in the U.S. and…

  • Hearing on Iran Nuclear Agreement
    Last Aired

    Iran Nuclear Agreement Sanctions Relief

    State and Treasury Department officials and academics testified at a hearing on the foreign policy implications of lifting sanctions on Iran in accordance with the Iran nuclear agreement.…

  • Discussion on Returning Stolen Assets
    Last Aired

    Returning Stolen Assets

    Panelists talked about the status of international efforts to return stolen assets to owners, particularly those affected by turmoil in the Middle East and North African Countries, similar…

  • DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Address on Border Security
    Last Aired

    Secretary Jeh Johnson on Border Security

    Secretary Jeh Johnson delivered remarks on the history and future of U.S. border security. He talked about immigration policy and the spike in unaccompanied immigrant children over the summer. Topics…

  • Private Sector Role in National Security
    Last Aired

    Private Sector Role in National Security

    Neil Wolin and Reubin Jeffrey talked about the private sector’s role in combating terrorism. Topics included the ability of the Treasury Department and the private sector to work together, and U.S. relationships with China and…

  • CSIS Sochi Olympics
    Last Aired

    Security Threats at Winter Olympics

    Panelists talked about the security threats to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They discussed the various extremist groups in the Caucuses region and explained those groups'…

  • Security at the Sochi Winter Olympics
    Last Aired

    Sochi Winter Olympics Security and Politics

    Panelists talked about security threats to the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. They also explained the geopolitical impact of the games and the impact on President Putin’s legacy. Juan…

  • Terrorist Attack on Mall in Nairobi Kenya
    Last Aired

    Terrorist Attack on Mall in Nairobi, Kenya

    Juan Zarate talked about the attack by al-Shabab on a mall in Kenya by al-Shabab, and the possibility of attacks on similar targets in the U.S. He also discussed his new book, Treasury’s War: "The Unleashing of a…

  • NSA Surveillance Programs
    Last Aired

    NSA Surveillance Programs

    Juan Zarate talked about National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs and the case against Edward Snowden, who leaked the story about the programs. He also responded to telephone calls…

  • Status of alQaida
    Last Aired

    Status of al-Qaida

    Juan Zarate talked about the status of the al-Qaida organization, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included its relevance and threat level.

  • Treasurys Role in National Security
    Last Aired

    Treasury's Role in National Security

    Undersecretary Cohen spoke about the role of the Treasury Department in national security, particularly in combating terrorist organizations. He credited the Treasury Department’s targeting of…

  • Threat of alQaida
    Last Aired

    Threat of al-Qaida

    Juan Zarate moderated a discussion about a report on the global threat of al-Qaida, including ways the terrorist group could infiltrate as well as use the Internet for recruitment. Then,…

  • Republican Leadership Conference Day Two
    Last Aired

    Republican Leadership Conference, Day Two

    2012 Republican presidents candidates Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Herman Cain, were among the speakers at the second day of the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in…

  • Michael Leiter Remarks on Terrorists Threats
    Last Aired

    Michael Leiter Remarks on Terrorists Threats

    Michael Leiter spoke the National Counterterrorism Center’s response to ongoing and changing terrorist threats. He also responded to questions from the audience.

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