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  • Federal Regulation of Banks
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    Federal Regulation of Banks

    Witnesses testified about the federal regulation of banks. The Senate Banking Committee heard from the heads of the FDIC and other federal financial regulations about the Obama Administration’s plan to…

  • Enforcement of Financial Fraud Laws
    Last Aired

    Enforcement of Financial Fraud Laws

    Witnesses testified about regulation of the financial industry and strengthening enforcement mechanisms at the state and federal levels. Among the issues addressed were enacting law to…

  • State of the US Banking Industry
    Last Aired

    State of the U.S. Banking Industry

    Government officials testified about the financial stability of banks, the state of the economy, and outlook for financial institutions following government intervention. They also said…

  • Bank Supervision and Regulation
    Last Aired

    Bank Supervision and Regulation

    Witnesses testified about tightening banking regulations and enforcing regulations through improved oversight. In their testimony they talked about the size and reach of financial institutions,…

  • Banking Officials on Regulation of Financial Markets
    Last Aired

    Banking Officials on Regulation of Financial Markets

    Administration officials and banking regulators testified about the Obama administration’s plan to give the government greater power to oversee the financial system for major risks, a new…

  • Financial Regulatory Agency Restructuring Part 3
    Last Aired

    Financial Regulatory Agency Restructuring, Part 3

    Witnesses testified about Obama administration proposals on financial regulation restructuring. They focused on the possible creation of a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Mr. Bernanke…

  • Financial Industry Regulations Federal Regulators
    Last Aired

    Financial Industry Regulations, Federal Regulators

    The House Financial Services Committee heard testimony on a bill to eliminate systemic risk and provide for prudential banking overhaul. The proposed legislation would give federal…

  • Deposit Insurance Fund Restoration Plan
    Last Aired

    Deposit Insurance Fund Restoration Plan

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation met to discuss a deposit insurance fund restoration plan, assessments, and funding. Officers announced a program that would require the banking…

  • John Dugan on Banking Law
    Last Aired

    John Dugan on Banking Law

    John Dugan spoke about the recnt financial crisis and recession. Among the issues he addressed were the current state of the financial services industry and the benefits of large financial…