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  • Worst Presidents in American History
    Last Aired

    Worst Presidents in American History

    Panelists talked about some of the least popular, least successful, and most forgotten presidents in American history. They began by discussing what makes for a bad president, and then offered nominees for the title of…

  • Rethinking Grand Strategy
    Last Aired

    Rethinking Grand Strategy

    Five historians talked about foreign policy leaders ranging from Presidents Woodrow Wilson to George H.W. Bush. They each examine key figures of the twentieth century from World War I to the fall of the…

  • emRepublic of Spinem
    Last Aired

    Republic of Spin

    David Greenberg talked about his book Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency, in which he provides a history of how the White House has tried to control its message, from…

  • Past Presidential Races and the 2016 Campaign
    Last Aired

    Past Presidential Races and the 2016 Campaign

    Scholars compared past presidential races to the 2016 campaign. Topics included changes in media coverage, and similarities and differences between previous presidential candidates and…