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  • Measuring Progress in Stabilizing WarTorn Societies
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    Measuring Progress in Stabilizing War-Torn Societies

    Participants spoke about a program developed with the U.S. Institute of Peace to build a framework for “Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments” (MPICE) which would enable national…

  • Afghanistan CounterNarcotics Operations
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    Afghanistan Counter-Narcotics Operations

    Participants talked about a recent report on the drug trade in Afghanistan and the effectiveness of efforts by U.S. and NATO authorities to counter drug trafficking in the region. Among the…

  • Secretary Clinton and President Karzai on USAfghanistan Relations
    Last Aired

    Secretary Clinton and President Karzai on U.S.-Afghanistan Relations

    Secretary Clinton and President Karzai spoke about relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan, as well as his trip to the U.S. They characterized the visit as highly successful, and said…

  • US Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

    Participants spoke about U.S. policy in Iraq after the withdrawal of combat forces. They focused on the security situation in the country, nature of the U.S. military mission in Iraq, and…

  • Future Operations in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Future Operations in Iraq

    Former Ambassador Christopher Hill spoke about the future of Iraq and the U.S mission in the country as the August 31, 2010 deadline for the end of combat operations approached. He focused on…

  • Iraqi Election Outlook
    Last Aired

    Iraqi Election Outlook

    Christopher Hill talked about iraq’s national election, scheduled for March 7, 2010. Topics included security, the stability and credibility of the Iraqi government, and the role of the…

  • Leadership and Civilian Action in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Leadership and Civilian Action in Afghanistan

    William Taylor talked about the role civilians play in establishing leadership in Afghanistan. He responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.