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  • Discussion Focuses on Presidential Transitions
    Last Aired

    Presidential Transitions

    Former White House officials and scholars talked about the presidential transition. Speakers included Joshua Bolten, former chief of staff to President George W. Bush; Lisa Brown, former…

  • Presidential Transition Conference Part 2
    Last Aired

    Presidential Transition Conference, Part 2

    Panelists talked about the White House transition and how a new administration picks cabinet secretaries and personnel to staff federal agencies. Participants included officials who have…

  • Legal System and Policy Development
    Last Aired

    Legal System and Policy Development

    A panel discussion was held on making chage in the current political environment. Topics included the Obama Administration’s policy on Guantanamo Bay, the role of Vice President, and the…

  • Rule of Law and the Executive Branch
    Last Aired

    Rule of Law and the Executive Branch

    A panel discussion was held on law and justice policies in the next Administration. Panel members focused on how an Obama or McCain Administration should differ from the Bush…

  • Law and Justice Issues
    Last Aired

    Law and Justice Issues

    Eric Holder contrasted the Bush administration’s legal policies to what he expects from a new presidential administration.

  • Washington DC Gun Control Law
    Last Aired

    Washington, D.C. Gun Control Law

    The panelists discussed the U.S. Supreme Court case, District of Columbia v. Heller, which concerns the constitutionality of the District of Columbia’s ban on the private possession of handguns.…

  • Supreme Court 20062007 Term Review
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court 2006-2007 Term Review

    A panel discussion was held on the U.S. Supreme Court term that ended that day. Experts from both a progressive and conservative perspective examined the Court’s most noteworthy 2006-2007…

  • Domestic Surveillance and Executive Powers
    Last Aired

    Domestic Surveillance and Executive Powers

    Former Vice President Al Gore spoke about domestic surveillance and other policies of the Bush administration, saying that the president had been “breaking the law repeatedly and insistently” in a “shameful…

  • Alito Supreme Court Nomination
    Last Aired

    Alito Supreme Court Nomination

    Professor Marshall moderated a panel, titled “The Alito Nomination: What the Senate Needs to Learn,” on the U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. Legal scholars spoke…

  • Roberts Supreme Court Nomination
    Last Aired

    Roberts Supreme Court Nomination

    Senator Schumer spoke about the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court. He compared the confirmation process for Justice Ginsburg to those expected for Judge Roberts.…

  • Keynote Address
    Last Aired

    Keynote Address

    Former Senator Edwards delivered the keynote address, titled “Trials and Effects on Two Americas,” to the American Constitution Society national convention. Among the topics he addressed…

  • Judicial Philosophy and the Confirmation Process
    Last Aired

    Judicial Philosophy and the Confirmation Process

    Senator Schumer spoke about the choice of a Supreme Court nominee. On July 1, Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor had announced her plan to retire before the start of the…

  • Future Federal Judicial Nominations
    Last Aired

    Future Federal Judicial Nominations

    Mr. Dellinger moderated a panel discussion about the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. The panelists discussed the impact of the 2004 election on the Supreme Court, the potential retirement…

  • America and the Courts Americans with Disabilities
    Last Aired

    America and the Courts: Americans with Disabilities

    The American Constitution Society’s Georgetown University chapter discussed the case, Tennessee v. Lane, which questions whether Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, passed by…

  • Freedom and Security
    Last Aired

    Freedom and Security

    Former Vice President Gore talked about civil liberties and efforts to combat terrorism. In his remarks he criticized the Bush administration for exploiting the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on…