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  • Sebastian Gorka Discusses emDefeating Jihadem
    Last Aired

    Defeating Jihad

    Sebastian Gorka talked about his book, Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, about how to defeat ISIS and other jihadist groups. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Islamic…

  • Ted Cruz Remarks on National Security
    Last Aired

    Senator Ted Cruz on National Security

    Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a 2016 presidential candidate, spoke about his national security priorities following the Paris terrorist attacks and the mass shooting in San Bernardino,…

  • Discussion on President Obamas Counterterrorism Strategy
    Last Aired

    Counterterrorism and Homeland Security

    Panelists talked about the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policy and strategy, and what it means for U.S. national security and for President Obama’s successor in 2017. Specific…

  • Representative Mike McCaul RTX on Islamic Extremism
    Last Aired

    Representative McCaul on Islamic Extremism

    House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mike McCaul (R-TX) talked about the threat of Islamist extremism and the need to fight it overseas. He described what he called the “new age of terror,”…

  • Washington Journal Islamic States Threat to the US
    Last Aired

    ISIS Threat to the U.S.

    James Jay Carafano talked about U.S response to the threat from ISIS.* Among other topics, he discussed included possible airstrikes or other strategies against Syria, the impact of attacking…

  • Firearms for Airline Flight Crews
    Last Aired

    Firearms for Airline Flight Crews

    Representative Chip Cravaack (R-MN), a retired commercial airline pilot, made an emotional appeal for preserving the federal program that trains and arms airline flight crews. The program was…

  • US Counterterrorism Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Counterterrorism Policy

    Panelists discussed the new Heritage Foundation survey looking at international data on global and domestic terrorism. According to the survey, terrorists have made over 38,000 attacks…

  • Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

    Frances Townsend delivered the keynote address at a Heritage Foundation event on what the federal, state, and local governments should do to effectively protect the homeland. Topics…

  • Homeland Security and the Federal Government
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security and the Federal Government

    Experts and leaders in homeland security participated in a Heritage Foundation event on what the federal, state, and local governments should do to effectively protect the homeland.…

  • Presidential Transition Period Terrorist Threat
    Last Aired

    Presidential Transition Period Terrorist Threat

    A panel discussion was held on the threat of terrorist activity during the upcoming presidential transition period. The 9/11 Commission had concluded that democracies become especially vulnerable to…

  • National Security and Terrorism
    Last Aired

    National Security and Terrorism

    Mr. Gershman and Mr. Carafano discussed the September 11 Commission’s findings and recommendations. They placed particular emphasis on foreign policy. They advocated prioritizing certain of the…

  • Terrorism Financing
    Last Aired

    Terrorism Financing

    Undersecretary Levey spoke about components for fighting and winning the financial efforts to combat terrorism. He talked about the way terrorism networks raised money and ways the Treasury Department has…

  • Visas and Combating Terrorism
    Last Aired

    Visas and Combating Terrorism

    An oversight hearing was held to identify steps the Departments of State and Homeland Security have made since 9/11 to address gaps and vulnerabilities in the visa process. The first panel of…

  • emRumsfelds Warem
    Last Aired

    Rumsfeld's War

    Mr. Scarborough talked about his book, Rumsfeld’s War: The Untold Story of America’s Anti-Terrorist Commander, published by Regnery Publishing. In the book, the author examines the career of U.S.…

  • Missile Threats to Aviation Technologies
    Last Aired

    Missile Threats to Aviation: Technologies

    The speakers talked about the threat of short-range missiles to commercial airliners and other homeland security threats. Topics included security screening on commercial flights;…