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  • Supporters Hold News Conference on Ballot Recount Efforts
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    Ballot Recount Efforts

    Staffers of Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein spoke about ballot recount efforts to reporters outside Trump Tower in New York City.

  • Green Party Nominating Convention Delegate Speeches
    Last Aired

    Green Party Nominating Convention, Delegate Speeches

    The Green Party held its national convention this past weekend in Baltimore where delegates nominated physician Jill Stein as their presidential candidate. Party officials and delegates…

  • Responses to emCitizens United v Federal Election Commissionem
    Last Aired

    Responses to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

    Panelists spoke about the influence of corporate money in politics, the response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case Citizens United v. Federal Communications Commission, and strategies to…

  • Green Party Presidential Convention
    Last Aired

    Green Party Presidential Convention

    The 2008 U.S. Green Party National Nominating Convention was held in the Chicago Symphony Center. 2004 Green Party Vice Presidential Nominee Patricia LaMarche introduced this year’s vice presidential candidate,…

  • Voting Irregularities in Ohio
    Last Aired

    Voting Irregularities in Ohio

    Members and witnesses testified before an ad hoc committee on voting irregularities in the Ohio 2004 elections. Among the topics they addressed were civil rights issues, variations in…

  • Third Party Presidential Candidates Debate
    Last Aired

    Third Party Presidential Candidates Debate

    A debate was held among third party presidential candidates. Professor Lowi moderated. Each candidate explained his party’s policy stances and why voters should choose him. They also…

  • Green Party Presidential Nominee
    Last Aired

    Green Party Presidential Nominee

    Mr. Cobb talked by uplink from New Haven, Connecticut about his race for president, his party’s issues, and the states in which he is on the ballot. He responded to telephone calls, faxes,…

  • Third Parties Presidential Debate
    Last Aired

    Third Parties Presidential Debate

    Third party presidential candidates debated a variety of issues. These included: the war in Iraq, health care, the environment, education, and the economy. Both candidates made prepared…

  • Green Party
    Last Aired

    Green Party

    From Portland, Oregon by video uplink, Mr. Cobb spoke about his presidential race and strategy, Green Party politics this year, and their issues. The Green Party endorsed Mr. Cobb for its…

  • Green Party Presidential Convention
    Last Aired

    Green Party Presidential Convention

    The 2004 Green Party Presidential Convention took place at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, beginning Wednesday, June 23 and continuing through Monday, June 28, 2004.…