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  • Labor Secretary Thomas Perez on the US Economy
    Last Aired

    Secretary Thomas Perez on Jobs and the Economy

    Labor Secretary Thomas Perez talked jobs and the economy, specifically efforts to raise the minimum wage and bring jobs back to cities such as Detroit. He also addressed what he called “the…

  • White House Working Families Summit
    Last Aired

    White House Working Families Summit, Part 1

    In the opening session of the White House Summit on Working Families, Vice President Joe Biden urged corporate executives to create family-friendly policies saying the return was overwhelming. In…

  • Discussion on Immigration Policy
    Last Aired

    Immigration Policy

    Members of Congress, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, and public policy experts talked about U.S. immigration policies and ways to improve them. In his opening address, Secretary Perez…

  • White House Daily Briefing
    Last Aired

    White House Daily Briefing

    Labor Secretary Tom Perez began the daily White House briefing by discussing the executive order to be signed by President Obama that day to raise the minimum wage for employees of federal…

  • Honoring Chinese Railroad Workers
    Last Aired

    Honoring Chinese Railroad Workers

    U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez formally inducted into the Labor Hall of Honor approximately 12,000 Chinese immigrant laborers who worked on the Central Pacific Railroad between 1865 and 1869.…

  • Briefing on Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report
    Last Aired

    Social Security and Medicare Fiscal Report

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and other officials briefed reporters and answered questions on the annual “Trustees Report.” The report details the future financial health of Social Security…

  • FY2015 Labor Budget
    Last Aired

    Department of Labor Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request

    Labor Secretary Thomas Perez testified before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on his department’s fiscal year 2015 $11.8 billion budget proposal. The proposal includes discretionary…

  • House Dems  Labor Sec Perez Brief on Minimum Wage
    Last Aired

    House Democrats on Raising the Minimum Wage

    House Democrats spoke to the press about legislation to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour over a two-year span. Labor Secretary Tom Perez also appeared…

  • Labor Secretary Tom Perez Address on Wage Law Enforcement
    Last Aired

    Wages and Benefits

    Labor Secretary Tom Perez argued for raising the federal minimum wage, which was $7.25 at the time of the program. Following his remarks, panelists talked about enforcement of federal wage…

  • White House Tribal Nations Conference  Part 3
    Last Aired

    White House Tribal Nations Conference , Part 3

    Panelists at the 2014 White House Tribal Nations Conference talked about global climate change and education reform efforts. This event was part of a White House annual Tribal Nations…

  • Labor Secretary Perez on Civil Rights
    Last Aired

    Labor Secretary Perez on Civil Rights

    Labor Secretary Thomas Perez talked about the history of the Civil Rights movement and what he said was a continuation of those efforts within the Latino community. He said that the…

  • Commerce and Labor Secretary News Conference
    Last Aired

    Commerce and Labor Secretary News Conference

    Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Labor Secretary Thomas Perez answered questions from reporters as they left the White House after attending a meeting held by President Obama and Vice…

  • Presidential Program in Los Angeles Introduction
    Last Aired

    Presidential Program in Los Angeles, Introduction

    Secretary of Labor Tom Perez and officials of the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College spoke to the crowd waiting for President Obama to make a speech. Linda Cole sang the national anthem.