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  • After Words with Karen Greenberg
    Last Aired

    After Words with Karen Greenberg

    Karen Greenberg talked about her her book Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State, in which she looks at legal questions arising from policies and laws enacted to fight the U.S. war…

  • Terrorism and National Security
    Last Aired

    Terrorism and National Security

    Panelists talked about global terrorism and national security issues and debated the question, “Is terrorism a threat to the American way of life?” Panelists included Lawrence Wright, Malcolm Nance, Mia Bloom, and…

  • Fordham Law School Center on National Security
    Last Aired

    Targeted Killings Overseas

    Jeh Johnson presented arguments for and against the need for a court to oversee the Obama administration’s policy of targeted killings of American terrorist suspects abroad. “A 'Drone Court': The Pros and…

  • Domestic and Counterterrorism Threats
    Last Aired

    Domestic and Counterterrorism Threats

    Panelists discussed counterterrorism and domestic terrorist threats. Topics included the difference between a perceived threat and an actual threat, counter-radicalization, and the need for…

  • Counterterrorism and American Security
    Last Aired

    Counterterrorism and American Security

    Panelists talked about the trends in terrorism and counter-terrorism policies. They focused on al Qaeda, the psychology of political violence, the decentralized nature of terrorism, and the clash between civil liberties, human rights,…

  • Prosecution of Terrorist Suspects
    Last Aired

    Prosecution of Terrorist Suspects

    Joshua Dratel, Colonel Morris Davis and Anthony Romero spoke about trials for suspected terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. Among the topics they addressed…

  • emThe Guantanamo Lawyersem
    Last Aired

    The Guantanamo Lawyers

    Mark Denbeaux and Jonathan Hafetz talked about the book they edited, The Guantanamo Lawyers: Inside a Prison, Outside the Law (NYU Press; November 9, 2009). It is a collection of stories…

  • Future of alQaeda
    Last Aired

    Future of al-Qaeda

    “The War of Ideas” was the second panel of the day-long event “Al Qaeda 3.0: The ‘War on Terror’ After the Bush Administration.” The event, held in the Russell Senate Office Building, was co-sponsored…

  • Future Counterterrorism Strategy
    Last Aired

    Future Counterterrorism Strategy

    Steve Clemons and Karen Greenberg introduced the conference on the current threat posed by al-Qaeda and its affiliates and what steps the next administration should take in combating al Qaeda at home and abroad. Then a panel…

  • AlQaida Organizational Structure
    Last Aired

    Al-Qaida Organizational Structure

    Following opening remarks at a day-long conference on the terrorist threat to the U.S., participants talked about the organizational structure of al-Qaida and terrorist cells. Among the…

  • Terrorism Security and US Purpose
    Last Aired

    Terrorism, Security and U.S. Purpose

    A two-day policy-making forum called “Terrorism, Security and America’s Purpose: Towards a More Comprehensive Strategy” was held to mark the fourth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. During the…

  • AlQaida vs the United States
    Last Aired

    Al-Qaida vs. the United States

    Participants talked about U.S. counterterrorism efforts, popular anti-American sentiment around the globe, improving investigations and enforcement of anti-terror laws, and intelligence…