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  • US Policy in Southeast Asia
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy in Southeast Asia

    The American Enterprise Institute hosted a discussion on U.S. policy in Southeast Asia. Assistant Defense Secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs Randall Schriver spoke about military and diplomatic…

  • US Response to China
    Last Aired

    U.S. Response to China

    Panelists talked about Chinese military power and the views of other regional powers, such as India, of the country’s military build-up. Dan Blumenthal said said the Pentagon lacked the…

  • US China and Taiwan Security
    Last Aired

    U.S., China and Taiwan Security

    Panelists spoke about U.S. diplomatic, military and economic relations with both China and Taiwan in the 30 years since the passage of the Taiwan Relations Act. They focused on trade…

  • Chinese Civil Society
    Last Aired

    Chinese Civil Society

    In the first of several panels at a day-long event titled, “China Since Tiananmen: Power, Party, and Society,” panelists focused on Chinese society and the impact of the Tiananmen protests…

  • Chinas Military
    Last Aired

    China's Military

    The fourth panel at a day-long event titled,"China Since Tiananmen: Power, Party, and Society," focused on China’s military. Topics included a historical and current look at the Chinese military,…

  • State of US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    State of U.S. Foreign Policy

    Panelists discussed the state of United States foreign policy, including how they expected the president to address that issue in that evening’s State of the Union address. Topics included…

  • Chinas Impact on US Economy
    Last Aired

    China's Impact on U.S. Economy

    Daniel Blumenthal talked about the 2007 U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission report which describes China’s impact on the U.S. economy and the value of the dollar. He responded to…

  • USChina Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Relations

    Mr. Griswold and Mr. Blumental discussed China’s rise as a worldwide military and economic power. Mr. Griswold supports a policy that advocates open trade with China to facilitate…

  • Chinas Influence on Global Politics
    Last Aired

    China's Influence on Global Politics

    Participants talked about relations between the U.S. and China, China’s role in regional and global security, trade issues, and U.S. concerns about Chinese social policy. Following their…