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  • Forum Focuses on How to Elect More Women to Public Office
    Last Aired

    Women in Public Office and the Workplace

    The Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund hosted a discussion on the political system and women’s participation in the electoral process. In the first panel, Representatives Nanette…

  • Democratic Lawmakers Address Center For American Progress Ideas Conference
    Last Aired

    Ideas Conference, Governor Cooper, Susan Rice, Senator Klobuchar, and Minority Leader Pelosi

    This portion of the Center for American Progress annual Ideas Conference included remarks from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper (D), former Obama administration National Security Adviser…

  • Discussion Focuses on President Trump and Conflicts of Interest
    Last Aired

    Conflicts of Interest and the Trump Administration

    Panelists talked about conflict of interest concerns raised about President Trump and his family after his inauguration in January 2017. The panelists discussed ways the Trump…

  • Senator Ben Cardin Delivers Remarks on USRussia Relations
    Last Aired

    Senator Ben Cardin on U.S.-Russia Relations

    Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), Foreign Relations Committee ranking member, talked about U.S. policy toward Russia. He called for an independent commission to further investigate Russian interference…

  • Secretary John King Discusses Education Policy
    Last Aired

    Education Policy

    Education Secretary John King talked about the nation’s education system. He commented on public charter schools, education standards, the role of his department’s Office of Civil Rights,…

  • Center for American Progress Hosts Discussion on Unemployment Benefits
    Last Aired

    Unemployment Benefits

    The Center for American Progress, the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality, and the National Employment Law Project hosted a forum on unemployment insurance and its impact on the…

  • Senior Obama Administration Officials Discuss Criminal Justice Reform
    Last Aired

    Criminal Justice Reform

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the secretaries for labor, housing and education talked about the challenges former incarcerated people face when re-entering society. General Lynch,…

  • Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Remarks on Early Childhood Education
    Last Aired

    Early Childhood Education

    Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) talked about his state’s investment in early childhood education. He said that investing in early education was as cost saving measure and ensured…

  • Washington Journal Carmel Martin on the Progressive Legislative Agenda
    Last Aired

    Progressive Legislative Agenda

    Carmel Martin, executive vice president for policy at the Center American Progress, talked about her group’s agenda for the 114th Congress. C-SPAN Radio’s Nancy Calo read news headlines at…

  • Discussion on Funding for Public Colleges and Universities
    Last Aired

    Funding for Public Colleges and Universities

    Panelists talked about a new report showing a decline in state funding of third-level public education, and offered their recommendations for state reinvestment in public colleges and…

  • Discussion on Education and the Common Core
    Last Aired

    Common Core Education Standards

    The Center for American Progress hosted a discussion on common core standards, which more than 40 states and the District of Columbia had adopted. The panelists focused on what common core…

  • Pay Discrimination Against Women
    Last Aired

    Pay Discrimination Against Women

    Betsey Stevenson made opening remarks at a discussion on pay discrimination in the workplace. She outlined President Obama’s two executive orders he signed earlier in the day to address the…

  • Center for American Progress Agenda
    Last Aired

    Center for American Progress Agenda

    Carmel Martin, Executive Vice President for Policy at the Center for American Progress, talked about her organization’s political and legislative agenda during 2014, and its strategy for…

  • Sequestration Cuts Impact Head Start Program
    Last Aired

    Cuts to Early Childhood Education Programs

    Panelists talked about the impact of sequestration budget cuts to the Head Start program. *Some 57,000 children were expected to lose Head Start or face reduced services due to mandated…

  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan Remarks
    Last Aired

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan Remarks

    Secretary Arne Duncan spoke about managing effective federal and state education programs. Among the topics he addressed were setting and raising common standards, teacher employment and…

  • Fiscal Year 2011 Budget
    Last Aired

    Fiscal Year 2011 Budget

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke to reporters about the release of the proposed fiscal year 2011 federal budget. The $51 billion proposal included increased spending on programs for…

  • Public School Integration
    Last Aired

    Public School Integration

    Panelists talked about federal funding and opportunities available to promote K-12 racial and economic integration. They focused on incentives in current and proposed federal policies,…

  • Education Department Spending of Stimulus Funds
    Last Aired

    Education Department Spending of Stimulus Funds

    Carmel Martin talked about how the Education Department plans to spend its share of the $787B in stimulus funds approved by Congress. She responded to telephone calls and electronic mail.…

  • Education Issues
    Last Aired

    Education Issues

    Lawmakers and education officials talked about the “No Child Left Behind Act,” improving the quality of public education, funding education programs, and enforcing standards. Following…