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  • 2014 StudentCam Winners emA Message to Congressem
    Last Aired

    StudentCam Winners Roundtable

    C-SPAN Classroom’s StudentCam video documentary contest is an annual national competition in which middle and high school students produce a documentary on a specific theme. In the 2014 contest, “A Message to the…

  • Newsmakers Sen Bernie Sanders IVT
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Senator Bernie Sanders

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) talked about Secretary Robert McDonald’s efforts to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs. He also spoke about what the 113th Congress might do with its…

  • Washington Journal Dr Scott Gottlieb on Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
    Last Aired

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

    Dr. Scott Gottlieb talked about President Obama’s announcement of U.S. troops and millions of dollars in aid being dispatched to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. C-SPAN Radio’s…

  • Washington Journal USTaliban Prisoner Exchange
    Last Aired

    Obama Administration Deal with Taliban Leaders

    Charles Stimson talked about the legality and precedent of the Obama administration’s agreement with Taliban leaders to return captured Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl for five Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Topics included who the…

  • Washington Journal Iraq Afghanistan  Syria
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria

    Representative Brian Higgins (D-NY) talked about possible U.S. policy toward Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Topics included the resurgence of al-Qaida in Iraq, removal of U.S. troops from…

  • Washington Journal National Institute of Nursing Research Director Patricia Grady
    Last Aired

    National Institute of Nursing Research

    Patricia Grady, director of the National Institute of Nursing Research, talked by remote video from Bethesda, Maryland, about her organization’s research mission, its recent work, and its…

  • Washington Journal House of Representatives Retirements
    Last Aired

    House of Representatives Retirements

    Representative Jim Gerlach (R-PA) talked about the impact of hyper-partisanship in Washington on his decision to retire after six terms in Congress. He also discussed his views on the…

  • Newsmakers David Medine
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with David Medine

    David Medine talked about National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Review Board’s January 23, 2014, report, which concluded that the NSA’s…

  • Newsmakers with Richard Cordray
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Richard Cordray

    Richard Cordray talked about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s revised mortgage rules that took effect in January 2014. The rules were intended to ensure lenders would more…

  • Washington Journal US Foreign Policy Challenges
    Last Aired

    Obama Administration Middle East Policy Challenges

    Dan Raviv talked about the latest Mideast foreign policy challenges facing the Obama administration. Topics included ongoing nuclear talks with Iran; continued instability in Iraq, Libya, and…

  • Washington Journal Prospects for Job Growth Nationally in 2014
    Last Aired

    Job Growth in 2014

    Mark Zandi talked about prospects for job growth in 2014, which he had predicted would be “a breakout year” due primarily to the fact that the sequestration budget cuts and tax increases of…

  • Washington Journal Consumers  Health Care Laws
    Last Aired

    Health Care Law and Medical Costs

    Jayne O’Donnell talked about her USA Today story detailing the impact of the Affordable Care Act on medical costs, “Medical Debt Will Persist Despite Health Law.” She said that although access to…

  • Washington Journal Omnibus Housing Act of 1965
    Last Aired

    Omnibus Housing Act of 1965

    Kent Watkins talked about the Omnibus Housing Act of 1965 signed by President Lyndon Johnson. The act was part of a series of omnibus housing bills that started in 1954 that aimed to provide affordable…

  • Washington Journal Haley Sweetland Edwards on Tech Millionaires and Education Policy
    Last Aired

    Education Reform and Teachers Unions

    Haley Sweetland Edwards talked about her Time Magazine story, “Rotten Apples.” The piece details a California court case, Vergara v. California, involving teacher tenure in the state. Silicon Valley tech…

  • Washington Journal Unaccompanied Immigrant Children
    Last Aired

    Border Security and Immigration

    Dennis Michael Lynch talked about his documentary, They Come to America II, his second film on illegal immigration. Among other topics, he discussed his reasons for making the films, his description of his films as…

  • Washington Journal 2014 Political Agenda For State Leaders
    Last Aired

    Governors and State Legislatures 2014 Political Agenda

    Reid Wilson talked about the 2014 agenda for governors and state legislatures. He discussed the effects of disfunction in Congress' on states; Republican versus Democratic approaches to job…

  • Washington Journal Racial Wealth Gap
    Last Aired

    Racial Wealth Gap

    Maya Rockeymoore talked about her Center for Global Policy Solutions' Closing the Racial Wealth Gap initiative. The initiative seeks to fight poverty and build wealth among people of color through…

  • Washington Journal Heidi Przybyla on 2014 Midterm Elections Preview
    Last Aired

    Midterm Elections Preview

    Heidi Przybyla talked about key races in the 2014 midterm elections and the possibility of a Republican takeover of the Senate.

  • Washington Journal Immigration Reform
    Last Aired

    Future of Immigration Reform

    Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) talked about his efforts on immigration issues. He focused on voting demographics and impact to the Republican Party if immigration reform is not passed.…

  • Washington Journal Sharyl Attkisson on emStonewalledem
    Last Aired

    Sharyl Attkisson on Stonewalled

    Sharyl Attkisson talked about her book, Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment, in Obama’s Washington, an account of allegedly being…

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