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  • Global Oil Supply Disruption Simulation
    Last Aired

    Global Oil Supply Disruption Simulation

    Former White House officials, senior retired military officers, and a former oil executive participated in a simulated disruption of the global oil supply. They portrayed members of the…

  • Gas Prices and US Energy Policy
    Last Aired

    Gas Prices and U.S. Energy Policy

    Former Shell Oil Company President John Hofmeister spoke about U.S. energy policy. He criticized both the Obama administration and Congress among his comments. He said President Obama has no plan to reduce…

  • Gas Prices and Obama Energy Policy
    Last Aired

    Gas Prices and Obama Energy Policy

    John Hofmeister talked about rising gas prices and President Obama’s energy security plan to reduce oil imports by one-third in the next decade. He also responded to telephone calls and…

  • Rally Against Offshore Drilling Moratorium
    Last Aired

    Rally Against Offshore Drilling Moratorium

    Residents, oil industry representatives, and business executives participated in a rally against the federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

  • emWhy We Hate the Oil Companiesem
    Last Aired

    Why We Hate the Oil Companies

    John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil Company, presents his thoughts on energy alternatives and the role politics plays in the energy debate in his book, Why We Hate the Oil…

  • Oil Industry and Gulf Oil Spill
    Last Aired

    Oil Industry and Gulf Oil Spill

    John Hofmeister talked about his new book, Why We Hate The Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an Energy Insider, and his views on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Topics included the…

  • Rising Oil Prices
    Last Aired

    Rising Oil Prices

    Oil company executives testified about the relationship between the price of crude oil and the consumer price of gasoline. Among the issues they addressed were the impact of market…

  • Oil Price Issues
    Last Aired

    Oil Price Issues

    Top-level executives from the five largest oil companies testifies about the current state of oil and gas prices, oil company profits, and the need for clean, renewable fuels to ease demand…

  • Foreign Oil Dependence
    Last Aired

    Foreign Oil Dependence

    John Hofmeister talked about U.S. dependence on foreign oil and his recent 50-city tour to talk with Americans and opinion leaders about several energy issues as domestic concerns as well…

  • Energy Supply and Security
    Last Aired

    Energy Supply and Security

    Mr. Hofmeister spoke about the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry, energy prices in the domestic market, the reliability of the oil and gas supply, and the future of exploration and…

  • Energy Prices
    Last Aired

    Energy Prices

    Oil company executives talked about fuel and gasoline pricing, the state of petroleum supplies and infrastructure in the U.S., and the recent impact of Gulf Coast hurricanes on the…