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  • Republican Tax Reform Agenda
    Last Aired

    Republican Tax Reform Agenda

    Panelists talked about the prospects for Republicans' tax reform agenda. Panelists, including Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, spoke about why they were optimistic about…

  • Forum Examines Tax Code Overhaul
    Last Aired

    Tax Reform

    Panelists debated the merits of various potential tax code policy changes, and how these changes could affect low- and middle-income households. Some of the proposed changes include…

  • Poverty and Economic Mobility Reform Conservatism
    Last Aired

    Poverty and Economic Mobility, Reform Conservatism

    A panel of self-described conservatives looked at some of the policy questions involving poverty and the expansion of economic opportunities for low and middle-income Americans, and what role the federal…

  • Alex Brill and Ethan Pollack on Tax Rates
    Last Aired

    Alex Brill and Ethan Pollack on Tax Rates

    Alex Brill and Ethan Pollack talked about how the upcoming “fiscal cliff” could affect the income tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 under President George W. Bush, and extended in 2010 under President…

  • Tax Cuts Extensions
    Last Aired

    Tax Cuts Extensions

    Witnesses testified on on expiring tax provisions and the criteria lawmakers should use to evaluate expiring tax provisions such as the Bush era tax cuts.

  • Tax Code Reform
    Last Aired

    Tax Code Reform

    Alex Brill talked about his plan to reform the corporate and individual tax codes and compared it to the presidential candidates' tax plans, and he responded to telephone calls and…

  • US Tax Policy and Deficit Reduction
    Last Aired

    U.S. Tax Policy and Deficit Reduction

    Ross Douthat and Grover Norquist debated tax policy and the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The pledge is a promise made by elected officials and political candidates to not raise taxes. Both Mr. Douthat…

  • Republican Economic Policies
    Last Aired

    Republican Economic Policies

    Alex Brill talked about the major economic proposals set forth by the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, including tax policy, the deficit, job creation and unemployment, trade, and…

  • US Manufacturing Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Manufacturing Policy

    Witnesses spoke about sustaining recent U.S. manufacturing growth. Some of the ideas include changing the corporate tax structure and removing uncertainty from the American manufacturing…

  • Economic Challenges for Families and Small Businesses
    Last Aired

    Economic Challenges for Families and Small Businesses

    Republican Whip Eric Cantor held a forum for national experts and leaders to testify about the needs of working families and small businesses and offer ideas and solutions to help revitalize…

  • Alternative Minimum Tax
    Last Aired

    Alternative Minimum Tax

    Panelists talked about alternatives to the Alternative Minimum Tax. Alex Brill moderated the panel which focused on retargeting the tax, lowering the impact of the tax on qualifying…